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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Making videos

What a fun couple of weeks I've had! The release of my book "The Hunted" has sent me on a completely unexpected journey that's turned my life entirely upside down!
I remember when I was secretly tapping away at the keyboard at night, my love of writing a complete secret from friends and family. I used to get up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, kiss my husband occasionally and somehow find time to indulge in this secret pastime. Now I barely have time to ... ahh ... wash the car.
Between, promotion, blogging, inciting interviews and publicity, steering clear of highly addictive technological black holes like Facebook and Twitter, well, it's a wonder dust hasn't started collecting on my manuscripts!
Anyway, these last few weeks have been interesting. I've met a lot of lovely people internationally and locally. I've joined book clubs and even entered a supernatural smackdown (I'll explain another day). But I was also told that making a 'Book Trailer' was a must for any new release titles. Okay, so now armed with this new bit of information I thought to myself, 'What the hell is a book trailer?'.
It might just be an Aussie thing, but I associate trailers with movies, not with books. I was under the impression that that was what the cover design and synopsis was designed for - drawing in readers. Needless to say I investigated this idea, cruising YouTube at great length only to discover that, yes, apparently books need moving pictures to sell them these days.
So off I went.
Now I have one. It took about three weeks, a lot of patience from my co-producer Peter Jackson, the famous director (Kidding, but he is famous for other things), and a lot of late nights. So, without further a due, check out our handiwork and leave a comment. Or don't if you're going to say something nasty. I don't have the time to edit them out anymore!

Kristy :)
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  1. Loved reading your post :) And can I just say - freaking fabulous book trailer!!

  2. The collapse and management of time gets easier (says me who gets up at 4.30am to write!!!!). All the thinking you WILL is called 'deconstruction' and is valued work. Book Creators Circle has a Cairns member who owns a James Home Cleaning Franchise if that is helpful?


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