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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas, New Year & All The Inbetween

Christmas is done and dusted, yet another year gone and a new one fast approaching. I am sad to report that Santa did not pop an Audi in my mailbox. Nor did he deliver me Alicide from True Blood or invent fat free chocolate that doesn't give me diarrhea.
What I did get was an iPod nano, which is truly a blessing in disguise since I ate a lot of the real chocolate over Christmas and can feel my butt literally dragging on the ground behind me when I walk. Alas I'm too scared to jump on the scales, concerned that my endless chocolate indulgence may have just backtracked my urge to kick Cindy Crawford's ass in the modelling department by about three weeks. So undoubtedly there will be a 'Warring With My Waistline' part two on the blog within the next few weeks.
Hopefully this time I will look like picture one rather than picture two:

Anyway, while I battle a chocolate addiction and an endless tug of war with my my waistline, may you all eat drink and be merry on this New Year's eve. May you dance in the street, may you spit from the top of the Eiffel tower and may you swim naked in someone else's backyard pool. And while you're doing all that, I'll be fondling my jar of Nutella with wanton abandon.
Have a good one everybody, I'll see you all next year! (That joke never gets old ... Never)

Kristy :)

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