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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Year Of The Hunted

Yes. This is the year of The Hunted. 
For those of you unaware of this completely awesome series *bows with a good punch of self indulgence* it's mine! I wrote a book, five to be precise and I'm all about getting my lazy butt off the couch this year and working on promotion.
So far it's hard. I'm with a publishing house and publicist, but find I have to do a lot of the legwork myself. So naturally naivety has been a friend of mine for far too long. I guess I thought they'd fly into the book stores on the wings of self-propelled awesomeness, but that's simply not the case, even with hired help.
So currently I'm on a mission to stalk the bookstores. By the time 2012 has ended I'll either have The Hunted on every shelf in Australia, or several restraining orders piled against me. Either way, I'm known - out there, which in the end is the ultimate goal, despite possible jail time.
Anyway, the campaign for self-promotion officially started today, and so far I can honestly say that I am a master of the 'Copy & Paste' - there's nothing like a bit of repetition in marketing. I've streamlined my e-mails and set my sights on mass saturation. I've also worked my poor family to the bone, in turn sending them running in multiple different directions around the house. Avoidance? Definitely a possibility.
Well, before everyone un-follows, coughs under their breath and feign better things to do, I'm going to sign off. But, as a good little promoter, I will leave you with the synopsis and cover design just to get you all familiar with ... Okay, stop yawning, I'm leaving already ... jeesh.


Elena Manory is by no means an ordinary teenage girl. Being born with the ability to heal herself from any injury, and with the knowledge that on her eighteenth birthday she will become a Vampire, Elena is aware that she is more than a little different from other girls her age.
It isn’t until she meets William Granville, an alluring and impossibly handsome vampire, that she begins to question her destiny and what secrets the Institute of Magical Intervention and her adopted family have withheld—secrets that could change the fates of not only her own life, but of the lives of all the immortals.
As events spiral out of control, William may be the only person Elena can place her trust in. He, and Elena’s magical family, must fight to save her, joining forces to defeat a common, deadly foe. For William, it is his chance to save the girl that he has searched eternity to find.

Kristy :)

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  1. It definitely is a lot of work, isn't it, Kristy? But we wouldn't have it any other way. We're living the dream, right?
    Take care and good luck to you.


  2. Thanks Jimmy! And to live the dream is to achieve great things. Thank you for the comments and good luck to you too!


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