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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Suddenly 30 ... Take 2

I last posted about this tragic event a little over six weeks ago (Suddenly 30). With two weeks to go now until the big three-o, I've started to get a little worried about the strength of my resolve. For one, six weeks ago I was dead set determined to loose ten kilograms and kick Zumba's ass. And two, I was going to get a swimming pool to show off my new bikini body.
Well ...
I haven't lost ten kilograms , I've gained two and half. I haven't been to Zumba because for some reason, every Friday night in Cairns for the last six weeks it has rained! And, as for the swimming pool - no need. It has been raining so much that my backyard is now an Olympic size swimming pool.
I guess you have to be careful what you wish for.
So, in light of the fact that my thighs are still clearly plotting against me and my lazy ass is too afraid to catch the sniffles because of a bit of rain, I've decided to make more achievable goals for the next fortnight.
1. I will not cry my eyes out on April 2nd. I still have ten years before I'm forty anything.
2. I will go back on my diet and stop folding to supermarket pressure and eating hot cross buns three weeks before Easter.
3. I will not buy chocolate. I will not let my husband buy me chocolate even when it's PMS time and I'm screaming at him for it.
4. I will get a tattoo, or at the very least, design one with good intentions of it someday marking my pasty white flesh.
5. I will drink less soda. It is not part of the healthy food groups no matter how much I keep trying to convince myself that 'sugar free' means 'good for you'.
6. I will get a haircut. I am not Rapunzel.
7. I will stop biting my fingernails ... for real this time.
8. I will try to read at least one book per week.
9. I will stop getting pissy about my lack of time. After all, I've had thirty years of scheduling practice, you'd think I'd have the time management thing licked by now.
10. I will probably forget about all these goals but nevertheless will honor the intent behind them.

So that's my round up for turning thirty. I should probably have thrown in world peace, kindness towards others and my favourite - perform a miracle. But, since I already have my minions working on all three of the above, I can concentrate on the baby steps and a side order of world domination.
Alas, I will let you know if the world ends on April 2nd. I will tell you if the wrinkles take over and devour my face, or if my weak knees deiced to make me bust any unnecessary moves. I will cry out in anguish if I end up with a fringe after my haircut, and I will pray for absolution if the chocolate fetish wins out.
Have a good one,

Kristy :)


  1. Ah, Thirty! How have I missed you? *laughs*
    As you know I just turned 43. Pardon me while I set down my cane. *feels sharp pain, swears* I know what you mean about wanting to do better for yourself. My knee is feeling better, although I'm not entirely sure that I'm out of the woods just yet. I have gotten back on the treadmill, but am no longer running. I stick with the power walking in the meantime. I have managed to lose about 7 pounds.
    I used to love Pepsi, but now have given it up because I'd rather have wine. *adjusts dentures* If I want something, I get it. I refuse to give up everything. I would rather exercise so I can have what I want. Don't worry about that looming birthday. What could happen?
    *feels itch on top of foot and frowns, no longer able to reach it*


    P.S.: I'm only kidding around with the old man bits. 43 isn't old! Well, mostly it isn't... ;)

  2. I must say, I was a bit of a wreck when I turned 30. Ten years ago. However, when I turned 40 last month, I was surprisingly totally fine with it. (Well, 99.9% fine with it.) Basically, my 30's sucked so much I couldn't wait to leave that decade behind, lol. Happy (early) Birthday!


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