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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Moving Day

Well, this is my first personal post in a while, what with the hype of my latest book about to be released, the Follow Friday venture and all the reviews I've been doing lately. Alas, I thought I'd have a lot more to report but I really don't, what a boring life I must lead ...
Anyway, it's moving week at my house. I have just seven days to pack up all of my crap in a few cardboard boxes and shove it into a shipping container due to be delivered early next week. Now I wish I could say that it was because I was moving somewhere exotic, but in reality, I'm moving to a cheap-ass hotel down the street.
The insurance company finally paid up!
Do you remember about a year ago, after cyclone Yasi when I was complaining about a leaking roof, moaning incessantly about the tarpaulins covering my house like a giant tent in the middle of suburbia? Well, hard fought and won success is in my hands (thanks to hubby) and we are getting a new roof and the entire interior repainted!
I know, I'm still jumping up and down excitedly. I've been glancing ominously at the ceiling for well over a year, expecting each torrential downpour to join us in the living room. I have questioned imminent electrocution every time water dribbled from the bathroom light fixtures and reached for a gazillion Chinese containers to catch the freak rainstorm in the kitchen. Needless to say that relief is only one word that comes frequently to mind.
So now hubby and I have to move out while the house gets a well deserved makeover. The boxes and cello-tape are crowding my living room and yet I don't have the foggiest idea where to begin. I've been wandering around like an aimless idiot, lovingly stroking the spines of my books and other treasured possessions, simply incapable of shoving them into a box and out of sight.
Plus there is the whole fear of having to unpack everything. I'm not talking about re-organisation, I'm too OCD not to enjoy that part, I'm referring to the disgusting, crawling, creepy little bastards that somehow snake their way into your belongings and jump out and surprise you whilst unpacking.
I'm talking about cockroaches!
Anyway, I have to run, the mere thought of their little feelers and and crunchy shells and quick moving legs make me want to barf. I hate the little f@#%kers. So wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a good one,

Kristy :)

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  1. How awful, Kristy! This is going to be one of those things that you laugh about "tomorrow", that ended up being the best thing to have happened. However, you just have to get through the suffering part about it "today". Wishing you and hubby the best as you get through this period.



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