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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hangin' with the Little People

William, Me and Wesley
Right. So I suspect you are about to scream 'hypocrite' at me after reading last week's post about the 'screaming question'. It still holds true that I don't want kids, but thanks to my best mate, Christina, I've been hanging out with some small people a lot lately and actually been having fun.
Let me just reiterate ... I don't want kids—not even for breakfast.
So it all started a few weeks back when I went on this million kilometre trek through the rainforest with my bestie's family. Despite my liberally applied child repellent, these two youngling’s seemed to like me and my potty mouth. Weird, right?
Anyway, I was invited back for seconds, this time to watch the two kids rock it out at the BMX track. Despite the frosty winter air, lack of healthy food options, and the grisly fact I had to use the male toilet (which, by the way, was freaking disgusting, and um, hello, I see you standing at the urinal!), I had a pretty good time.
It could also be that a sick and twisted part of me enjoyed watching some of the nasty stacks and was rooting for tears.
Moving on.
Wesley and the bestie - Christina
Amazingly, these kids still wanted thirds, this time figuring it would be a great idea to teach me how to skateboard. Now bear in mind, the last time I touched a skateboard I was in my early teens, went off the back and cracked my head on the concrete. I’m thirty-one now and clearly denser because I said ‘sure thing’.
Cutting a long story short, I bloody nailed it. I may not be cruising around half pipes, smoking weed or wearing my pants around my ankles, but I stayed on, got some momentum and even started to master cornering. It just goes to show that you’re never too old to learn new things.
And the moral of the story?
I’m totally going to do it again! I haven’t had that much innocent fun in ages.
Have a good one, everybody,

Kristy :)


  1. Way to go, Kristy. You look right at home on the board. And right at home among the small people, too, I might add. Hmmmm.

  2. Just don't kill yourself on those things, Kristy! Both my boys have longboards, but I'm not brave enough to climb on one. I think I'll just stick to the sidewalk! *laughs*



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