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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Men's rights from a woman's perspective.

Men’s rights from a woman’s perspective ... well ... this depends entirely on which woman you ask, right?

If you ask a mother about her son, then perhaps his rights as a young boy don’t translate to reality in a situation where being young implies lack of ability and developed intelligence. But, if several years go by and that same boy becomes a man, makes a life for himself and is sensible 90% of the time, then perhaps a mother would view her son’s rights as legitimate.

If you’re a scorned woman with a rocky past with men, then any right that a man might have may feel like a huge loss or a decline in women’s liberation. The scars of a personal past may impact on what you may now feel a man actually has a right to say or do. This can lead to bias and unfair categorisation of men in general.

A wife’s perspective on the rights of her husband may be forged through time and incidence. For example, that 100cm television he bought with the electricity money or the day he forgot half the groceries and purchased a slab of beer instead may in fact limit the rights of a husband in a wife’s mind. On the other hand, trust and loyalty can walk hand-in-hand where rights are thought equal as division of jobs, child-rearing and housework become fair and equitable.

In the end, no matter a woman’s role in a man’s life; be it wife, friend, sister, stranger, lover ... the rights of another human being should never be stifled, ignored or eliminated because of the bias of the past, present or possibility of the future. Men’s rights are just as valid and relevant as any woman. No one individual should define what another human being is capable of or entitled to ... that’s just not right.

Kristy 😀

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Are secrets important?

I don’t think that there’s a soul on the planet that can admit to telling the truth 100% of the time. But whether or not you tell the truth or constantly lie is not in question. The question is: Are secrets important?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this. A secret can hide a million bad things, prevent drama, create drama, but it can also protect. So, are secrets important? The word important denotes vital or even necessary, but a secret is just something you don’t say out loud. The truth is, would a secret ever really bother you if you never even heard it?

Hmm, something to ponder.

I think secrets are somewhat healthy and normal. No one ever truly reveals every single part of themselves and no one is ever that vulnerable. A secret doesn’t have to be a way to shut others out, protect the nation’s interests or be used in spiteful circumstances. Sometimes a secret can be to keep a surprise from a loved one, it can be that whisper of loving emotion that you’re not quite ready to admit or the white lie you may say to uphold another’s mental health.

Secrets aren’t important or necessary, they’re simply a part of human nature, a chance to hide what we don’t yet want known. Does that make them important? Well, I think that’s up to the individual to decide.