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Saturday, 3 October 2020

The invasion of the Coronavirus

The invasion of the Coronavirus. It is an invasion, right? No one knows for sure how it might have cropped up other than a theory that perhaps someone ate a bat from a wet market in China.


I don’t want to start in on the sanitation implications of that alone, but irrespective of where this virus came from or how it might have gained momentum, it is an invasion. It has invaded our lives all across the globe in some of the worst ways possible. Our everyday freedom has been quashed, jobs have been lost, economies have taken a nose-dive and lives have been lost ... a lot of lives.

But despite this invasion to our privacy, work, home life and friendship circles, it has birthed a new generation of inspiring change. Never before has creativity been fostered so endearingly from kids creating crafts, people generating a side-hustle income or businesses adapting with new products and innovative ideas.

Take the extreme loss of life out of the equation and is being invaded all that bad? The environment is thriving, people are more connected than ever before and creative productivity has soared to inspirational heights. If you haven’t been touched by the impact of death or financial hardship, then this invasion has proven significantly effective in rebooting our way of life.

Kristy 😀