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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A werewolf leads ...

Remus Lupin
In keeping with my November Follower Frenzy Giveaway, I'm going to do a post about my favourite werewolves in books and in film. This brilliant idea came to me last night when I realised that my 'Hunted Series' is full of werewolves, or as I like to call them Vanators!
Anyway, my fictional beasts are pretty bloodthirsty and are often shape-shifting into the human beings they've most recently fed from. They aren't at all interested whether or not they have an eight pack or pretty blue eyes - they're all about the blood and sex.
So in good humour, I thought I'd think about one werewolf that matches every personality trait I can think of. Well, at least until I get bored and give up. Anyway, here we go;

Michael Corvin
1. Hybrid Werewolves - Remus Lupin from 'Harry Potter'. You gotta love a wizard who also moonlights as a werewolf. There's also Michael Corvin in 'Underworld', a vampire cross werewolf blend. He also comes under the category of 'super hot werewolf', but I'm trying to streamline here.

2. Freaking Scary Werewolves - Any of the damn wolves in the movie 'An American Werewolf in Paris' generally make me cringe at the screen, talk about no remorse ... bloody good entertainment (pardon the pun)

3. Female Werewolves - I adore the Riley Jenson novels by Kerry Arthur. There are nine in the series all together, and though I suspect most of my draw to the series is the rudie bits and trash talk, the violence is pretty damn awesome too. Go the kick-ass promiscuous girl with an aversion to silver!

Van Helsing
4. Super-hot Werewolves - Okay, since I'm Aussie, I'm sticking with my home turf, though I doubt many of you would disagree. Simple answer; Hugh Jackman in 'Van Helsing'. Okay, so he might only be a bad ass werewolf for a microsecond in the film, but it was enough to make me want to pet him for life. Also, I'm not going to discount Alcide from True Blood.
Deep voice - check. Super hot freaking gorgeous body - check, check. Would I let him bite me - um, hell yes.

5. Woe is Me Werewolves - Jacob Black from 'Twilight'. Sorry to the Team Jacob fans, but God damn, books or movie, it really doesn't matter. Someone needs to dart that wolf and hose him down - plenty more Bella's in the ocean! Have you ever seen someone with a glistening eight pack looking so unhappy? Please, somebody give the boy some chocolate!

Alcide Herveaux
6. Boring Werewolves - That has to be Lawrence Talbot in the remake of 'The Wolf Man'. Never have I been less entertained, sitting in front of the telly, slapping my knees and praying for decent bloodshed. Yes, I may be slightly disturbed, but lordy lordy lets put those claws and teeth to good use. I'm even okay with it a little slap and tickle as long as the damn wolf does something!

7. Werewolves You Wish You Could Assassinate - Easy answer here is Richard from Laurell.K.Hamilton's 'Anita Blake' series of books. Now, I love these books to death, again filled with plenty of action and plenty of ... trysts. But boy what a whining werewolf he is! I personally have a shotgun loaded to blow a hole in the middle of the next book if he pulls another 'emo' stunt again.

Anyway, I'm curious to know what werewolves you love or hate, or just which ones you want to roll around in the grass with. I'm sure there are million others out there that I haven't thought of, but leave a comment - I'm almost positive I'll have an opinion.
Have a good one,

Kristy :)


  1. OMG. My US-expat, Living in Oz friend and I are dying laughing at your post! ROFL Hugh Jackman.... pant pant pant.

    Love your blog!!

  2. Werewolf I love- Jason from Anita Blake.
    Werewolf I hate- Jacob Black.
    Werewolf I want to roll around in the grass with- None in particular right now.I'll have to think about that for a bit.
    Love the list!


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