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The Hunted

The heroine in this highly-imaginative Aussie-based tale is a vampire - but she is something more. This is a fast-paced, intelligent and highly-entertaining novel...The final chapters are climatic, desperate, chilling. For a first novel, Berridge ticks all the boxes. She has the makings of a career author. To attempt what is now a well worn theme and produce something fresh, vital and entertaining is the mark of an enterprising and crafted writer.
-Wendy O'Hanlon, Acres Australia

This is a debut novel from a bright and bubbly young author.  It is entertaining,  quirky and has some wry touches of adventurous lightly romantic read that will appeal to teenagers and other devotees of the vampire horror genre.
-John Morrow's Pick of the Week

The Damned

She is the real deal Aussie vampire author who absolutely pulls no punches and has created such well fleshed characters that the entire plat seems very plausible.
-Wendy O'Hanlon, Acres Australia

Kristy Berridge certainly knows how to draw you into her story within the first few pages, a rare gift for many writers.
-John Morrow

The Aligned

Kristy Berridge has done it again!  This is the third in the series which features Elena Manory, daughter of Master Vampire, Lucius.  Just like her previous two novels, Kristy combines her real life quirkiness with her storytelling ability to entertain us with another heart stopping adventure.

This third book once again contains every otherworldly creature you can imagine.  From angels to demons, Vampires to werewolves (known as Vanators in this series), this bright young author has skilfully managed a melting pot of creatures who have good and evil on their minds.

Thrown into the mix is a missing angel, Michael, whose brother, Araqiel, has vowed to betray him for a Time Contract, a contract that has the power to reverse certain historical events.  In return, Michael must die.  It is very tempting to think that the present could be changed entirely but can he really betray his earthbound brother. 

Only time will tell, however, if this is another one of Araqiel’s tricks to help the young Elena make the right decisions in her life.

Now back to Elena who not only is Lucius’s daughter but due to an accident at birth has also got Vanator blood in her DNA. Currently, she is still human and being held prisoner by Vanators because she failed, once again, to listen to advice.

Throughout this novel, Elena has to tread a cautious path after falling in love with Sebastian and learning that the power to alter time may fall into her hands.

Please keep writing Kristy.  It is about time us Aussies had a home-grown author who is set to challenge more well-known international writers in the fantasy genre.
-John Morrow

In this stand-alone fantasy world sequel to Berridge’s earlier novels, the clash between angels and demons which began eons ago continues to be unresolved and conflict in the higher realms is mirrored below on earth. While Vampires are familiar to readers Vanators, or werewolves, and Protectors, humans with magical powers, have also coexisted on earth in an uneasy peace which disintegrates as events in the novel unfold. 

The action in the novel starts with feisty teen Elena Manory held captive in Bucharest by an Alpha Vanator, Roshan, determined to wield power over her and possess the secret of her hybrid nature. Elena’s DNA combines the synergy of human, Vampire and Vanator and is perhaps the key to the looming final battle between the forces of light and darkness.

Elena’s captivity forces her to acknowledge her own dark forces which lie within, while her closeness to Vampire Sebastian unleashes a growing awareness of her powers. Back in Cairns her adopted brother Lucas is also experiencing disturbing changes in his life and his loyalties, and their concern for each other crosses continents and unites them in purpose. The mysterious Protectors have fled to a safe haven in Antarctica and it is uncertain whether in the final analysis they are friend or foe to Elena and Lucas. 

In this complex alternate and contemporary version of reality Berridge presents fast paced action across three continents set against a backdrop of impossible romance and smoldering sexual tension. The latest in Berridge’s series of novels, The Aligned continues to develop the intense and conflicted relationships between the characters and immerses the reader in a race against time. Can’t wait for the sequel!
-Chris Mcguigan

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