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About Kristy

Shadow Ink Press – Publishing house representing Kristy Berridge

So often across the cyber world of publishing and reading, books are self-marketed with very little editing, character development or plot planning. At Shadow Ink Press, our family-based business focuses on producing the best quality novels both for the printable/paperback versions as well as eBook.

Our novels are developed, processed and marketed for sale through all of the leading online retailers and are accessible simply via the click of a button. You just have to choose to expand your horizons and get reading!

We support local Australian author and company founder, Kristy Berridge. Not just because her books are bloody awesome, but because creating a quality product you can read and enjoy is her top priority. With a repertoire based mostly in the realm of supernatural fiction, she’s recently branched into lighter, female-based comedic fiction. It’s all about variety and appealing to multiple markets and age brackets, you see.

Supernatural fiction has always been the craving of the masses and a passion of Kristy’s to explore, but romance and the hilarity of everyday reality has also played a stunning new role in her novels. Gone are the days where an author pigeon-holes themselves in to certain niches. Kristy is all about exploring the possibilities of multiple subject matters and penning them to paper, so-to-speak.

You won’t see a plethora of marketing or urges to push you into reading any novel produced by Shadow Ink Press. The work speaks for itself and is listed with a brief description under the ‘books’ tab above and will direct you to purchasing links should you wish to overhaul your reading wish list. If you do require any further information you can reach out and contact us through the ‘contact’ tab above and someone will be in touch in due course to answer any questions you may have.

The truth is, Shadow Ink Press was designed and created to action the writing of Kristy Berridge. Sure, it would be fabulous if we made millions dollars from the sale of these novels, but that’s not why a writer writes. A writer must have passion and drive and a lust for the fictional unexpected and find a way to engage the reader. That’s what we’re all about and that’s what we’ll continue to do. Your support just makes the process that much more worthwhile.

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