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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Casting Call!

Elena  - Camilla Belle
Thomas - Alex Pettyfer
A friend of mine the other day pointed out that I haven't nearly been posting enough information on my blog about the upcoming release of The Damned, the second book in The Hunted series.
I can safely promise you that I am working on having the covers, and synopsis's to the next four books worked on for your perusal, but alas, my editor wants to make me sound fabulous which I wholeheartedly support.
William - Tom Welling
So, in lieu of the fact that I have no exciting cover pictures or words of insight into the next books' release, I thought I'd entertain the idea of The Hunted being made into a movie (it could happen, no laughing).
So for those of you that have read the story, I'm sure you have some pretty strong imagery for whom you would match up for certain roles. I of course have absolutely no idea, so I'm about to scroll through Google images and hope for the best. I'm also probably only going to do some of the main characters because I'm bound to get bored about half way through this post or get so caught up with perving on some of the fine young actors out there that I'll forget to come back.
Here we go:
Lucas - Lucas Till
1. Elena Manory - Camilla Belle: She's gorgeous and got sass.
2. William Granville - Tom Welling: Don't ask me why, but I've always had a thing for Superman and he's kind of what I imagined William looking like while I was writing the story.
3. Lucas Manory - Lucas Till: I mean how cute are those dimples?
4. Thomas Woodland - Alex Pettyfer: Hot, hot, hot. I may get arrested just hanging out on his bio page, but this guy is off the charts and I think quite fitting to play one of my sexy-ass vampires.
Marianne - Taylor Swift
5. Marianne Woodland - Taylor Swift: With that curly blonde hair and devilish grin, I think she could pull of sweet and sour quite nicely.

Anyway, they're my pick for now, but you might have other ideas. In which case, please flick me through a comment and I'll post up your suggestions soon!
Have a great weekend and keep your eyes peeled. You just never know when The Hunted is coming to the big screen ...

Kristy :)


  1. Hmmm this is quite an interesting question which i just had to give thought too! So after long and painful research with my capped internet before it got the better of me :P here are my choices...

    Elena Manory - Amber Tamblyn, She has the strength and attitude that Elena possesses and a natural outer beauty.

    Lucas Manory - Rodney Scott would play this role with ease. His look is all sweet boy innocence that Lucas reeks of :)

    Locking up the urge to scream JOHNNY DEPP at the top of my lungs for any leading role, (although his was the one face that would load with ease :P) and also totally seeing Tom Welling in the role, but i would have to say for William Granville - Darren Criss, need i explain, come on, look at the guy!

    Marianne Woodland - Emma Stone, because she can be a bit of everything.

    Thomas Woodland - Greg Vaughan, just for the yumminess factor :)

    I'm sure there were many more great candidates that google just wouldn't load - so for now these are my pics of the cast for a movie that hollywood would be crazy not to snatch up!! Talk about your money maker :) I chose the less obvious choices as you don't want an actor who has already been stereotyped to another character.

  2. I haven't read the book yet, but let me tell you, I LOVE Alex Pettyfer, Lucas Till is adorable, Taylor could totally pull off sweet and sour and Camilla Belle is beautiful.

    Benjamin Stone from the Nine Lives of Chloe King that got cancelled last year was pretty cute, reminded me of Alex Pettyfer somewhat. He'd make a good vampire.

    Can't wait to read Hunted!


  3. Well Kristy I should be Elena. xo xo


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