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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Office Politics

I hate politics.
Actually, I think a lot of people do. In my case it's not who's pretending to run the country, which state leader is hooking up with their secretary, or which foreign minister asks Chinese delegates when they discovered sushi. It's the politics around the home or office, the status quo among colleagues, friends and family. It's the search for supremacy in an otherwise tiny pond of fish that don't want to be eaten by the shark.

So what are all these metaphors you ask? Well, truthfully I like using them, so I'm not about to stop anytime soon, but I am curious ... curious about others' take on what happens when the pond suddenly gets frosty and the shark has an insatiable appetite? (Sorry, couldn't help myself)
I suspect there are options, some more viable than others, most of which I could never entertain because I'm most likely the fish swimming at the bottom of the pond, trying to stay clear of the feeding frenzy. Yes, that makes me a pussy, not a fish, but I'm rolling with the seafood theme tonight.
Anyway, you've got Option one - Swim right up to that shark, blow bubbles in its face and tell it you're not on the dinner menu tonight. (Ramifications include; immediate ingestion, teeth in rear fins when turning your back, or standoff averted - the shark has bigger fish to fry)
Wow - I really can't help myself ...
Okay, Option two - Slap that shark with a nearby tuna. You don't want to be eaten, so throw someone else into the sashimi roll, because lets face it, tuna is delicious. (Ramifications include; seriously pissed off tuna and lonely nights in the pond)
Option three - Pretend everything is a-okay in these murky waters and completely ignore the going ons around you. (Ramifications include; I really can't think of any)
So, as you can tell I'm all about the deny, deny, deny. This pretty much suits me just fine, because you know what? Life is way too short to worry about the shark pond you probably shouldn't be swimming in. Life's also way too short to talk about politics.

Kristy ;)

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  1. love the comment on top of your blog - save the good stuff for my books -but this is pretty funny too. Interesting dilemma for authors blogging wishing to make a living and not give out too many freebies.


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