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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Blogging vs Tree Trimming vs Videos

Yes, I know, I'm late in posting my Saturday blog again. Ironically, I'm never late in life. In fact, if anything, I show up a few minutes early to occasions. I'm one of the most organised people I know - except when it comes to a Saturday. I don't know what it is about Saturdays but I take one gander at my laptop and for some mysterious reason, opt to go to the video store or invent other reasons to avoid responsibility instead.
Last night, I left you all hanging for a vampire movie with Alicia Silverstone - hold the judgement please, a movie I can't even remember, and one about a hotel in Jaipur hosting a welcoming deathbed for the elderly (that one was actually quite good).
I know, I am pathetic, but I think I might like to watch bad film and television almost as much as I love to read. And, I also love to design and decorate - another reason I missed posting my blog yesterday. Not only is the book-nook area now complete, but I put aside my previous three year state of bar-humbug and donned the Christmas spirit.

Anyway, speaking of lacking organisation, or as the case may be - lacking a pair of bifocals, you will be shocked and dismayed to learn (possibly not) that my newly purchased and erected Christmas tree is not colour coordinated! This may not be a big deal for some of you, but I come from a design background and this is likened to a decorating disaster - one of those moments where I'm certain the world will end because it doesn't match everything else.
I bought the white acrylic set-up to match my coastal look home, and even humored my hubby when he suggested buying a tub of new LED lights to match. Imagine my frustration when we got home, decorated the tree and switched them on only to discover I'd accidentally grabbed the fluorescent blue ones after hubby and I had a massive show down in Big W because I wanted white ones and he wanted coloured ones.
The magical Christmas dance with clapping hands and glee-driven cheers filled the living room - hubby having a field day persecuting me for my blatant mistake. In the end I think we both lose because we have an ugly tree. Hubby thinks it's beautiful. I think it looks like a bug zapper.
Alas, I will suck it up because it's Christmas.
I will also be first one through the door at Boxing Day sales to nab up a bunch of colour coordinated half price decorations for next year.
The blue LED lights may even mysteriously disappear ... just saying.
Happy tree trimming everyone and sorry about the late posting!

Kristy :)

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  1. LMAO! A Christmas tree bug zapper!?! Oh, I'm sorry. Far be it that it appear that I am siding with hubs. I know which way my bread is buttered, as they say, so let me rephrase: I'm sure the tree is beautiful! *wipes forehead*
    Hey! Live and learn.
    No matter what - Happy Holidays to you and hubs!



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