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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Book Review: The Den by Jennifer Abrahams

The Den by Jennifer Abrahams is a novel of succinct wording, best described as short sentences loaded with abrupt instruction and no discernable flow. I expected to be drawn into this vampiric story based on supposed actual events, when in actuality, I was a little let down by the short and sharp prose with little descriptive content.
Following Skyla Jane Judge, a restless college student and then waitress, we see her initial journey into the world of the supernatural upon a reading with a psychic. Warned of dangerous men, nefarious ghosts, and a past life that could literally come back to bite her, and we are suddenly in New York City.
Enter Alex, a mysterious stranger that Skyla believes harmless and a possible romantic dalliance, and before we know it, having only just met, they are planning a road trip to New Orleans.
At this point I’m shaking my head thinking, ‘you’re going to be strangled and dumped on the side of the road by this psycho’. Naturally, after one week of knowing each other, it’s like fate has stepped in and Skyla is exactly where she needs to be – in the middle of the French Quarter, surrounded by a strange den of ... others.
If all this didn’t happen a little fast for you, Skyla is soon chanting around candle light with her new friends, drinking blood, and denying her role in it. Pressed for affection from one of the would-be vampires, and then reminded of a centuries past tie from another, and Skyla’s soon running again.
What I liked about this novel is the possibilities and the rather odd vampiric/witch ties to this strange assortment of individuals. I enjoyed reading about their hunt, and was curious upon Skyla’s initial Tarot reading. Unfortunately, with an over-paced plot with limited explanation and then quicker resolve sliding to indifference, and I was left with a million question marks without clear parameters as to where the plot would head in the hands of a flighty, inconsistent protagonist.
Two out of five fangs – not terrible, but not stirring, either.

Is it possible to run away from yourself? No. Skyla Jane Judge should know.
Fresh on the heels of a breakup and college graduation, Skyla Jane Judge feels an inexplicable urge to accompany an attractive stranger on a road trip from New York to New Orleans. Maybe it has something to do with what a psychic has told her about a past life. Maybe some old friends stuck between lives are waiting for her there.
Whatever the case, she gives in to the lure of Louisiana’s voodoo country and doesn’t look back. Longing for change, she uncovers a “den” beneath the haunted cobblestone streets of the French Quarter and, in the company of vampires, begins to discover her true self.
Skyla embarks on a journey to self-awareness that ultimately uncovers a secret ceremonial path to love and eternal enlightenment. Though change is what she wanted, is she ready for the irrevocable change her “new” friends offer her?

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  1. The title of the saga, alone, seems full of possibilities. I'm assuming Skyla is the witch referred to? Have you had any feedback from the author on the review or discussions of the abrupt style? Action without explanation is something I strive for, but it's hard to pull off sometimes. I wonder if it's a conscious effort on the part of Abrahams.


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