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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Is it that hard? Really!
Its habit forming. If we do not receive any gratitude for ether a job well done, a little act of kindness for another that does not result in a simple thank you then yes, we become resentful. Therefore, we stop the acts of random kindness to others, this in turn becomes a habit and therefore kindness is relegated to the backbench not to be seen for some time.
Are we so busy with our lives that we forget that a) we were once so young we needed help b) we relied so much on the Internet which now appears to be an extension to our bodily limbs…yes the bloody mobile! In addition, c) we are now too old, cranky and afraid of change that no one bloody cares anyway? What does this mean, an impersonal, antisocial, narcissistic society so involved with themselves that they forget or have forgotten human interaction? I am confused, what happened to being kind with and to one another?
Is it now classified as old fashioned to be kind? Do we now forget the random acts of kindness to another because we are afraid of negative response? Are we that pathetic? Conditioned, programmed and weak willed?
Kindness is like looking into a mirror, if you cannot be kind to yourself, how can you possibly be kind to another?
Empathy…there is no longer empathy. Please do not misunderstand me; I understand that there has to be technology in order to move forward.  However, without empathy, sympathy and grace, how can humanity hope to survive?
I like to think that we all try always to look past the awful things that people can say or do in order to see them as a whole, albeit a complex person. Of course, sometimes, it is so much easier to assume the worst and yet so much harder to see them as whole entity, after all no one person is good or bad, they may be complicated, messy or perhaps even interesting but they are always worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.
Do you not think so?

Stephanie Jackson