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Monday, 7 August 2017

How to rid yourself of 
negative energy!
What are you drawn too?
If its negative thoughts, then I am there with you…but only sometimes. However, it is real and it happens to us all at one point in time.  I believe that we all need to change that relentless negative to positive in everything that we do.
Okay we all get this and understand this, but how do we get rid of those niggling negative thoughts? That inner dialogue that speaks to us when we do not want or need it to, that inner dialogue that creates stress and havoc, purely out of misguided thoughts or unresolved questions - - where are the quieting moments?
Mmmm not so easy is it?  We can say positively that we will think positively…but we are only human and so, try as we might, we slip back to listening to the madness chaos that our minds create.
We can do something ‘airy-fairy,’ like imagine something beautiful…yes; this will work for the short term, but not long term. Perhaps the honest and most logical approach is to face what is creating this negative energy, after all as complex human beings we exist, therefore we control, therefore we can create and change, and therefore we can choose what sort of energy we want around us.
What is it that we want?
Presumptuous perhaps, but we want to be happy, we want to be productive, we want to love and live cohesively with those around us. We do not want negativity, we do not want misery, and we want to be content. We are the only ones that can change this.  We have that power, we have the capacity to think, work, create and be whomever it is that we want! We don’t need the negativity, it stunts, and it creates melancholy and discontent…who wants that?
It’s easy, ‘you think what you feel’ or is that ‘you feel what you think!’