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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Hello Humanity - what happened to our Morality?

The human race – Mankind… and I am referring to you and me.

Oh my - Oh my, we should be so proud of ourselves, look at what wondrous things we have achieved these past years. Our wars don’t just kill thousands, they now kill millions! No validation here, we all take ownership of this bullshit! We either create or have created these campaigns and we nurture and encourage them with banal words of ‘look at me,’ ‘look at me’ with our twitter and Facebook remarks.  We encourage and enlist as much help as possible in defining segregation by encouraging hate toward another’s religion, race while encouraging anger, violence and oppression - let us dominate and browbeat our fellow man…don’t forget bullying and our sexual preferences. Have I left anything out? Probably!
Have we made any advancements? Of course we have, but do they outway the negatives that now menace over us such as our wondrous planet slowly dying due to climate changes, our nations dying because of hatred for one another and the selfish “I want what they have” arrogances. Yes, of course we have made advancements. For example medicine, but do the needful benefit from this, of course not because there is no money in it! Bullshit isn’t it. There are folks who are dying who have no homes; no possessions, no money and we see the faces of starving children all the time, why? Is it to remind those who can afford more, to help, oh please do? As mere minions, why does it always fall upon us, can we not be led by example, please! How about the wealthy bodies of the world getting together, i.e. The Vatican to name but one entity – sell your hidden treasures and you will house and feed millions who desperately need it.
Nope, your right, this ain’t gonna happen! Why? Because there is no humanity there is only greed and the “I wants of this world,” the entitled who think that they are better than the one standing next to them.
Whatever your personal tenets of the concept of morality are, overall, surely they must ultimately address what is right and what is wrong. Do we forsake what is right to appear politically correct? Surely right or wrong is the individual’s natural right to self-preservation, after all who wants to be thought of as wrong!

Stephanie Jackson