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Thursday, 6 June 2019

When the Light Begins to Fade...

Why is it we have to go through pain in order to learn anything? Why is it that when we learn something from anguish, we have to learn something else to justify what we have just learned?

Losing a loved one or having a horrible fight can give you pain, terrible pain. Some say that this pain or heartache if you like is real, crippling, and intense; it can make you lose your breath. Such physical pain that you feel you cannot move or emotional pain which we store away in our subconscious only to be confronted by it when we least want or expect it. Personally, I think emotional pain can be more crippling. Think about it, every emotional feeling or thought or painful sensation we experience as an individual is as a direct result of messages from our brains. Are we more in control than we think?

How many times have we heard “You don’t ever know what you have had until you have lost it?” Be mindful, this particular lesson is not always accurate; after all, we often learn what we choose to interpret.

Confusion is an important component of our emotional well-being – I was having an argument with my boss and his responses to me were quite nasty. I was hurt, I was angry and I felt betrayed, why was it necessary for him to be so rude? Alternatively, was I mixing up my confusion and anger with an emotional response? When I thought about it more, I took a deep breath and stated the best possible solution to his issue. Once I had done this, I felt better. I had taken the emotional element, which was my anger and confusion away from the issue and made a decisive response. I walked away with confidence. My boss came after me with thanks and appreciation.

Drama makes a relationship exciting and intriguing and therefore subject to confusion, add empathy, compassion or just downright pity and you have all the components of love.  Being aware that love is just a tumult of emotions is wise and any turmoil or conflict in any relationship that makes couples appear vulnerable or victimised may become a shared and stimulating experience that further binds you together.

So when you feel that the light begins to fade take the time to question your emotional state. After all our self-awareness requires that, we look at ourselves objectively.