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Wednesday, 3 June 2020


                   Archibald Thomas Frederick Muddock       
Shaun and I would like to finally announce the birth of our son: Archibald Thomas Frederick Muddock, born May 16th at 5:30 am, weighing 1.8kg and born 9 weeks premature.

Little Archie has had quite the ordeal so far. He was whisked away from Shaun and I only seconds after he was born and transported straight to the Neonatal ICU. In the last 5 days, he's been intubated, placed on CPAP, moved to High Flow and now he can finally breathe on his own with a little help from some caffeine.

He has an umbilical line that gives him fluids and antibiotics and feeding tube inserted straight into his little tummy through his belly button.
Shaun and I wanted you all to know that we appreciate every single ounce of love and support, but hope that you understand that at this moment in time, while Archie is still fighting to survive, that we can't focus on much more than him.

Naturally we want to see our family and friends, but if we have a spare second, we just want to be with our son.  We hope you all understand and appreciate how much we already love and need our little boy to be safe and sound before we worry about ourselves.