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Saturday, 15 August 2020

My First Date

For any of you that have read my illustrious book ‘100 Days of Happiness’, you’ll know I’ve had quite a few dates in my time. My hubby still calls me a dirty whore in jest, but the truth is, it’s like buying ice-cream isn’t it? You don’t know exactly what you want until you’ve sampled at least a few of the, right?


So, I can’t exactly talk about ‘My First Date’ since I just mentioned there’s been a few.  What I can talk about, is the varied array that have occurred and the reasons why a first date doesn’t necessarily equate to a memorable experience, but rather, a reason to move forward, push the eject button or evacuate completely.

My very first date occurred when I was eleven years old. We’d gone to the movies with his family and mine as a part of a charity event and consequently been watched by said parents incessantly. I think we may have touched fingers at some point, but that was it. Exciting stuff, right? Definitely a reason to evacuate completely.

For ‘First Date’ number two, I would have been sixteen. This was the prelude to my first marriage and my then husband-to-be. I should have pushed the eject button then and there considering he showed up wearing all red; red jeans (I hadn’t known there was such a thing), red joggers and a bloody red shirt. He looked like a piece of fruit.

Several years on and I was divorced and back on the dating scene. So many men and so little time, right? Not exactly, but the first dates were thick and fast and nothing to write home about. Some guys smelt like they had an aversion to soap. One guy had gnarly toenails, another’s breath smelt like a brewery. Another thought ‘snot shots’ were a sport, another enjoyed sex with himself more than me.

The only memorable first date I ever had was with my current hubby. I know I’m supposed to say that, but it’s the honest-to-God truth. He wasn’t a weirdo, was and still is extremely intelligent, sometimes funny and he thinks smart, independent women are a turn on. He was a diamond in the rough to be sure, especially at my age where the fish in the pond have generally already been caught.

So in essence, a first date really doesn’t mean too much. It’s more like a job interview or a sampling of the pre-referenced ice-cream before buying the popsicle. It’s a chance to test compatibility and longevity. And, if all else fails, a chance to have a few minutes of fun! So, crack on with your first dates and chalk them up to experience, but don’t take them too seriously unless the flavour sitting in front of you is the one you want to eat for the rest of your life.

Kristy 😀