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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Anything is possible. Or is it?

Most people love a good scapegoat or excuse don’t they? It gives those without drive a reason to say that something might not be possible. They can then hinge their lack of accomplishment on some invented reason as to why a goal simply cannot be met. I’m certainly no stranger to this, I constantly procrastinate and invent excuses as to why I can’t do something.

But does this mean that anything isn’t in fact possible? Hell no. It just means I’m lazy - Hella lazy sometimes.

Anything is possible if you decide that it’s a goal worth attaining. Want to lose weight? Go on a diet and start exercising more. Want to get a degree? Work your ass off, study and apply yourself. Want to buy a new car? Save up and get the damn Ferrari. Want to learn to dance? Enrol in a class and practice. You get my point, right?

Any goal is possible – possible meaning ‘able to be done or achieved’ – but only with the application of dedication and drive. So, although there might be some things that aren’t realistically possible to achieve such as visiting the moon or becoming a porn star, that doesn’t mean the journey to TRY and POSSIBLY attain those goals isn’t worth the effort.

Holding hope in the face of adversity builds strength of character. But don’t ever say that something isn’t possible. Anything is possible with the right attitude and productivity.

Kristy 😀