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Monday, 8 August 2011

Total techtard

Well, it's official. I'm a techtard. I may be able to click a mouse and use a keyboard, but I just managed to delete the first posted comment on my blog. Sorry about that Holjo (, I'll make it up to you with more techtardian twitter advice later!
Anyway, I've decided to keep it simple today. My favourite things are chocolate, movies, books and writing, so I'll stick to that - pretty sure I can't stuff it up too much.
Recently I've been taking a dive into the past, watching movies of yesteryear and gaining some insight on films deemed to have cinematic excellence in their time, or at the very least, gaining popularity with audiences. Regrettably I started said foray with the Mad Max series. Oh my God. I'm not sure what I can say that's suitably positive about this film. But we'll give Mel his dues, it was his first movie, so there was definite room for improvement, but what was everyone else's excuse?
Okay, so that was harsh, and I honestly did laugh pretty hard at the crazy villains and ridiculous outfits. But I think the part that made me laugh the most was that I went back for seconds and watched the second film in the series with designs on the third. (Insert expletive here) it was ....
Needless to say I'm not sure if I should go back for thirds. I may be a techtard, but I'm not a bloody idiot. I think it's safe to say I'll happily delete that DVD from my collection and try something else.
Stay tuned for my Salem's Lot run through. It shouldn't take long, even if the film sucked three hours of my life away that I'll never get back. Let me know what you all think.

Kristy :)

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