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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Old School Movies

I've been busy people. Last time I said I'd tell you all about my trip down the forgotten cinematic route. I'd left displeased about my Mad Max experience and said I'd fill you in on Salem's lot. Well here it is ...
I think modern cinema has ruined me. Suspense is all contrived by music, and the special effects are about as creative as finger puppets in these supposed golden oldies. I jumped once during this movie, and it had nothing to do with the vampires. My husband scared the crap out of me, sneaking around the corner to ask what I wanted for dinner. Who would have thought that meatloaf could be so horrifying?
Needless to say I will not be going back for more. Three long hours of bad 'boos' was just about all I could take.
Next up was the Shining. I must have been on a bit of Stephen King binge, because let's face it, the guy is a creative genius and some of the book translations to movie have been gold in the past. The Shining definitely piqued my curiosity, particularly the choice of Jack Nicholson in the lead role. Can anyone do crazy any better? Probably, but I thought he was thorough in his delivery of a tormented, albeit possibly possessed husband stuck in isolation.
The only thing that drove me nuts was the same thing that makes me want to throw a brick through the television screen in nearly every horror driven film. The victims always back themselves into corners, lose nerve, or runaway and hide. Um hello, the knife is already in your hand, the crazy guy is incapacitated - just finish it while the going is good!
But I digress, these old films have their merit, and I'm sure during their time they were truly scary. But whether old or new, some things never change - I can't wait to watch them with the anticipation that something truly brilliant will evolve on my screen. I'll keep you all posted when that happens, ever hopeful that the monsters in the closet might one day flip the switch and roll credits with the good guy going ass up.
Waiting for the unexpected,

Kristy :)

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