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Saturday, 14 January 2012


Okay, well, besides being a simple game in your pre-adolescent years before the novelty of learning other not-so-subtle hand gestures takes precedent, Rock-Paper-Scissors was/is a timeless and expedient way to settle an argument. I'm amazed how often we use it in my household. In fact, I decided to post this blog because I was curious why the 'rock-off' had become such a go-to after years of flipping coins or pulling straws.
And then it hit me. Wikipedia knows everything.
Apparently this little game of chance has been around since the Ming Dynasty. Jackie Chan's ancestors have been throwing fists at each other for centuries and I've only just realised its gross potential in the last few years!
But alas I think Rock-Paper-Scissors has reached popularity because it doesn't need props and there's no risk of injury (unless you take losing badly). If you decide to go with other methods like flipping coins, it could get dangerous if you're in a shitty mood and out to damage your opponent. Plus there's the risk of a lighter wallet for the donating sucker. Option two involves using plucked straws, but that seems like a lot of work, and in the movies, the unlucky chap with the short straw almost always ends up dead (fictional circumstances completely irrelevant here). And of course if you fancy something more traditional, you can always roll dice and hazard a guess on the winning numbers - apparently  it's still all the rage in casinos ...
Anyway, I love the 'rock-off' because I almost always win. See, there's a misconception that 'Rock' is the best choice to take the win, mostly because of it's strength and high probability of being used. For one it kicks 'Scissors' ass or often ends up in a stand off against another 'Rock' user resulting in a take two situation.
I'm a 'Paper' girl.
I mean really, how often does anyone whip out 'Scissors' (except serial killers and crazy stalkers)? And since paper wraps rock ... the trash is always taken out by hubby, I hardly ever have to do the dishes and I haven't had to weed the garden in months. God bless the solidarity of the 'Rock' abuser.
Happy gambling.

Kristy ;)

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