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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Warring with my Waistline Take 2

I would just like to say ... no thanks to Christmas, my lofty ambitions to rival Cindy Crawford in a bikini have been negated. I have been unfairly assaulted by holiday yule and abundant lashings of chocolate. Thus 'Operation Great Ass' has been disbanded temporarily in light of my current depression.
Okay, I tell lies. I'm not depressed, merely outraged. I exercised like a woman possessed - hours in the gym, running, walking, and swimming to combat the intake of a few days worth of food, and still I gained weight!
*Cue Violins*
So basically, thanks to the post two weeks, a downward sugar spiral, and motivation from friends, I've finally worked off Christmas delights, but alas I am certain the Gods are still conspiring against me. I found a massive hole in my workout pants the other day. Not really a big deal unless you do squats in public and get eye-balled by a dirty old perv who's leering at your crotch.
Not to be dissuaded from my efforts thus far, I sat down on the couch last night, sewing needle in hand and put my crotch back together again. It took about an hour, but undoubtedly worth it as I loaded up my gym bag this morning with high hopes of attending a 'Boot Camp' class this afternoon.
Turns out it wanted to rain, and since I'm not into wet T-shirt competitions or sliding around in mud - I'm blogging instead. Who knows, tomorrow it might hail during my Zumba class?
Have a good one,

Kristy :)


  1. Too funny, Kristy!

    I just started exercising again and I hate it! It isn't the workout, necessarily. I crank the iPod which is always good. It's the fact that all I want to do after the 12 hour day job is write, blog, etc., before I need to get to bed and do it all over again. However, pushing 43 this March, I really need to do something before this pudgy middle gets out of hand. *sad face*

    So, does that mean no chocolates for Valentine's Day?
    I know, silly question, right? *hands over chocolates*


  2. It's almost impossible to say no to chocolates, Jimmy, so there's a good chance there'll be a warring with my waistline Take 3. Appreciate the sympathy and thanks for sharing your stash!

  3. Kristy, my recent trip north resulted in many disgusting fat photos. I was shocked to realise that the fat girl was ME!!!!! Huh!!!!! You think you've got a crotchey blow out perverted fan this space as I fully intend to traumatise the residents of Manunda with my power wobbling.

    Damn but those Cherry Ripes USED to be my friend!!!!!!!


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