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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Australia Day 2013

Well, today is the 26th of January, otherwise known as Australia Day in my country. 
To most Australians this means an opportunity to kick back in a pair of thongs (the shoe variety), fire up the barbecue and down a slab of beer. It also presents us with a public holiday on the first working day back after the weekend and an excuse to eat too much meat and bask in the sun.
I must be European.
At present I'm cowering inside my air conditioned home, ducking and weaving the incoming rays of sunshine determined to stream through my living room windows. My fridge is absent of alcohol because it makes me sweat like a baboon and my hubby is still whingeing that we don't own a barbecue. And, although we do have sausages on the menu tonight, they will be cooked in a casserole, not over an open flame. I won't be listening to Men at Work, ACDC, Jet, Cold Chisel or any other Aussie bands that may instill me with a deep sense of patriotism.
In fact, I'm probably going to kick back on the sofa, watch several episodes of Sons of Anarchy and eat ice-cream until my stomach explodes. 
Am I the only one who doesn't especially care about their country's earmarked day of celebration? Am I the only person who is merely grateful for the extra day off work? Am I about to have my house egged and my windows smashed by fat men in stubbies and dirty blue singlets?
Well, cheers to those of you that eat Vegemite, go surfing, barbeque shrimp and scream Oi Oi Oi at the football - I hope you have a fabulous Australia Day. For those of you like me perhaps labelled lazy and decidedly un-Australian, feel free to message me with your planned activities for this long weekend. I'm curious to see how many of you skipped the day of backyard cricket in lieu of something cooler and non-athletic.
Have a good one,

Kristy :)

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  1. Hey, Kristy. I hope you enjoyed your day, but without AC/DC or grilled sausages, I kind of doubt you did. *laughs* It's so funny that you can be talking about hiding in AC from the heat when here in "sunny California" I'm staring out the window at dreary, gloomy winter. Thankfully, here - by the magic of the internet - we are seperated by only the second that it takes me to lift my fingers to the mouse pad and hit "publish".
    Cheers, my friend!



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