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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Supanova 2011

Welcome to Supanova ... Kristy!
What is Supanova you say? Only Australia's answer to ComicCon - a pop culture convention inspiring comic book creators, fantasy and horror authors, gamers and die hard fans of science fiction who dress up in storm trooper outfits and have a thing for swords.
With thousands upon thousands of people coming to meet and greet, it's sure to be an event to remember, and boy it certainly was!
I have to say, I wanted to point fingers at first, mumble under my breath about the crazy outfits and general dedication to looking ridiculous, but I found myself smiling, thinking I was somewhat under-dressed. The more people that poured through the gates, the crazier the outfits became. I saw Pikachu, Batman, Dr Who, Indianna Jones, the security team from the Umbrella corporation, along with many other Japanese Anime characters I've never bloody heard of.

So I've decided that next year I'm definitely going to join in on the fun. No, I'm not going to strap on a corsett and don purple hair. I'm not going to strike you with a light saber or kick your iron man costume. I'm going to be an exhibitor, especially now that I have a decidely awesome t-shirt design and lots of inspiration to 'Geek it up'. (Apologies to all Geeks for the generalisation. Apologies again for calling you 'Geeks' repeatedly).

I'm also going to need a security team to keep crazy fans at bay ... *rolls eyes* As if.
No, I don't need minders,  but I'll probably need help keeping my dad in line. I left him alone for five minutes today and a Cyberman got hold of him and nearly choked the living crap out of him!
Anyway, I had an ace time. Thanks so much to all the crazies of Brisbane, you guys rock and I'll see you all next year!

Kristy :)

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