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Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday Moaning

This is just a super quick post today. I thought I'd let you know how my Saturday night out on the town went.
Well ... It went.
At 2.30pm I was tucking myself between the cool, crisp sheets of my bed, completely wide awake after a gigantic night of booze, debauchery and muscle bound weirdos dressed as Santa.
Okay, so I personally might have bypassed excessive alcohol consumption and debauchery on account of my Hobbitish nature and general lack know-how, but I still got up to mischief. Said mischief resulted in a sore bum from dancing the night away and bleary eyes from staying up waaayyy past my bedtime. But still ... I had a great time for someone that usually gets excited about cracking a can of 'V' and settling in to watch back to back episodes of Supernatural on the telly.
Needless to say I may just experiment a little bit more with this 'getting out of the house' venture.
1. I just may meet a vampire since I tend to look like one these days with my pasty indoor complexion.
2. Turns out there are lots of people that exist outside my front door. Some of them are even nice. Some of them make me scream and run in the other direction. I'm told this is called 'Chasing tail'.
3. I have no shame about busting crap-ass dance moves on the dance floor. Reckless abandon is good for you and the other crap-ass dancers next to you.
4. That face I'm pulling does an excellent job of repelling just about any gropey-ass git with a five fingered agenda in sight.
5. I don't have to stay at home listening to replays of 'All by Myself'.
Morale of the story? I'm breaking out, busting moves, and kicking it for the introverts everywhere.
Have a good one ... I will be.

Kristy :)


  1. Love it! But did you really tuck yourself in at 2 *pm*? Love it, I need to get out more, too. xo

  2. Awesome pics!! You should go out with the girls at least once a month... :)

  3. Great therapy: Cocktail hour with the girls!


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