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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Australia Day

Look out everyone, tomorrow it's Australia day in the land of thongs, BBQ's and back yard cricket. Ironically I'm not especially a fan of any of those activities, but I can appreciate Australia day for what it means to me ... A public holiday!
Yes, as unpatriotic as that sounds, I'm just damn happy that I don't have to put in a hard days work tomorrow. I can sleep in, ignore the fact that the lawn needs mowing, drink alcohol until I forget my name and eat Tim Tams until my waistline stops warring and simply gives up. I love my country, but boy do I love not having to work more!
So in honor of this great day of celebrated laziness, I thought I'd think about all the great Australian things that make me proud to be an Aussie!
1. Hugh Jackman - Super hot and talented! Need I say more?
2. John Farnham - The king of comeback and 'I have no idea what the word retirement means'.
3. The Great Barrier Reef - Too damn expensive for locals to visit regularly, but mighty impressive in the brochures!
4. Ayers Rock - That great big pile of red rock and dirt in the middle of the country.
5. Thongs - Flip Flops, other wise known as rubber footwear. We also do the bum variety too, but you can't wear those on your feet ... (Unless you're a weirdo)
6. Kangaroos - Bouncing pains in the ass when they jump in front of moving vehicles on road trips.
7. Meat Pies - Soooo fattening and you might find a finger one day, but good eating with some tomato sauce.
8. 'She'll be right, mate' - Best saying for absolutely everything you can't be bothered finding a solution for.
9. Ned Kelly - Bush Ranger and the only man in history to rock out a garbage can on his head.
10. Vegemite - Burns like a mother going down, but it puts the roses in your cheeks and makes cheese sandwiches taste awesome.
Well, that's my list. There are a hundred other things I love about my country ... but mostly it's the public holidays.
Have a good one everyone,

Kristy :)


  1. "Thongs - Flip Flops, other wise known as rubber footwear. We also do the bum variety too, but you can't wear those on your feet ... (Unless you're a weirdo)"

    Ummmm....does that mean we can wear the rubber thongs up our bum and not be a weirdo?

    Just wondering.

    here's my post for Australia Day...after the initial history is a little creative story I wrote. Would love your thoughts on it.

    And.... no cherry ripes, cheese twisties, lamintons or pavlova shall be eaten by me this Australia day. I am, Fat Girl Slim!

  2. Meat pies? don't think it's OZ

  3. Hey Jacko - I'm sure they didn't originally come from Australia, but it's turned into a way of life ... The smoko van pulls up at work sites and the men buy sausage rolls, meat pies with tomato sauce and a can of coke. It's a morning tea tradition not to be messed with lol!

  4. LOL @ the thongs! I vote Farnsy be awarded the 'Aussie's favourite Uncle' award (if there was one). As always, love ya work. Happy Oz day, chick! :D

    P.S. I'm going to turn a blind eye to the fact that my verification word is 'vagil'...


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