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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mad For Fiction

I would first like to start this post by acknowledging the fact that although I do fly a secret freak flag I am in no way shape or form a psychopath. My husband usually adds 'yet' onto the end of that sentence, but I can honestly say that it's true. The reason I plead such a case is that I often wonder if all this horror/supernatural fiction writing I do has anything to do with my ... um ... urges.
Oh no, they are not the swing your knickers over your head or make you blush kind of urges which are also fun, they are ... *swallows* counterproductive human safety measures. (A nice way to say I'm coming at you with a butcher knife ... kidding!)
Anyway, writing about vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, and all that blood has made me somewhat curious. Don't get me wrong I want no part in it, but sometimes I wonder what it might feel like to bite a jugular, or claw my way through flesh with my long, dark talons. It's like standing at the top of a staircase and wondering what would happen if you just let yourself go and fall.
Needless to say this imagery I create makes for spectacular scenes of grandeur within my stories, but there is a small part of me that thinks, what if I did face slam that asshole who took my car park at the shopping center? What if I did use a flame thrower on that idiot at work that keeps asking me the same stupid questions again and again?
Okay, so I know the answer to that is jail time, so pipe down in front, but just imagine for one second that our kick-ass heroes and heroines from the novels we read and write were us? Would we apologise for body slamming our Peeping Tom neighhbour, or quell our urges to slice and dice an innocent's murderer?
Just saying.
Give me your thoughts on this. You can post as anonymous if you're worried you're a psycho too. Oh, and if you leave a comment saying you want to send me creepy newspaper clippings and then come at me with a machete, think twice about trying to freak out a fiction writer.
We're always one step ahead of you!

Kristy :)

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  1. I write paranormal, too. One of my characters is a dead grandmother who wields her power through nature to help her psychic/medium granddaughter out of a dangerous mess.

    Anyway by day, I'm a hairdresser and I have to say there are those times I wish I could make picky-evil-bitches disappear with one look or make their hair disinegrate from thier heads, killing off their hair follicles so I never have to see them in my chair or shop ever again.


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