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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Book Review: Ever Essence by David Hollands Curran

Let me start by saying that I wanted to read Ever Essence because I personally know the author, and I was dead set curious about his writing skills and the avenue this story would take. Admittedly, this book is right outside my usual desired genre of reading. I've never really been a science fiction/futuristic reader. I adore vampires, werewolves, horror and a bit of paranormal romance.
So, when David Hollands Curran was offering readership in exchange for a review, I jumped at the opportunity, my curiosity would finally be sated. And, now that I have finished reading Ever Essence, I can honestly say that the final chapters were gripping, fast-paced, and had me turning the pages at an alarming rate to get the answers I'd been seeking throughout.
Ever Essence is a very intelligent novel with a wide use of vocabulary, well constructed sentences, and a story line bordering on the impossible. I felt as if I were transported to another time. Not so much the future, but perhaps the present in an alternate universe that was smacked with a 'Get Smart' vibe. The characters were consistent in mannerism and speech, their interactions in some cases mechanical but oddly in keeping with this seemingly emotionless environment.
The plot is phenomenal, clustered by pretzel style twists within the overall scheme of design. I constantly found myself re-reading pages to grasp a better understanding of what was going on. To say Ever Essence is fast-paced is an understatement. There is barely a moment's rest for all characters concerned, and the ever-thickening plot made me scratch my head to the meaning behind every decision, every line of conversation, and every locale explored. To that end, I found it almost trying to get through the first half of the book. It felt like it was an endless exploration of lies and a cluster of strange encounters with scientific creations. Expectation brought about disaster after disaster with subterfuge the answer to behold, and yet, suddenly the characters were in the same position yet again, a different set of circumstances, and a seemingly unending plot of intrigue to unravel.
However, though I found this portion of the novel to be somewhat trying in its constant movement and seemingly endless pursuit of non-answers, I finally reached those last climatic chapters where all mystery began to be interpreted. I started to question some of the characters, and re-assess if I had misinterpreted some of the dialogue, getting excited as the truth worked its way to the surface.
It's almost impossible to give an overview of the story as there is far too much information to relay. But I can say that no one is who they seem, clones may just take over the world, scientific experimentation reaches a whole new level of disgrace, and political agenda proves yet again to be the motivator of destruction.
I rate this book three out of five stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys dystopian, science based, politically driven novels - very well written and an asset to the author.

Synopsis: Imagine living longer, being healthy and having a youthful appearance for hundreds of years. How would you spend your extra time? Would it change your thinking? Would it enable you to achieve impossible  dreams? Become part of the movement, the excitement and fascination. 'Ever Essence' will change your life too.

Kristy :)

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