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Friday, 4 May 2012

Google Dilemas

Hi Everyone,

This is a sincerely apologetic note to my viewers. Unfortunately, Google in their infinite wisdom currently believe that my blogsite has been hacked by possible phishers. Virus scans, a html check, and some serious deep system clean-up and run through all the webmaster tools have found my system to be in perfect health. In fact, Google's own reports come back negative of any errors or content interference. Alas, for those of you that use Google chrome as I do, and are confronted with this message that my blog is unsafe, I only have one thing to say ...
Horse s@$%t!
But, since it will take several weeks for them to review this issue and pull down this false and destructive message, I am forced to withhold any blog uploads. I would hate for my rants to go to waste.
I thank you all for your patience, and hope to see you all back again soon.
I suppose this means I will actually get a lot more writing and editing done. But, if you do want to track me down, Google have yet to sabotage my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you can still find me at the links below for a chat!



Kristy :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Kristy. Blogging, for the most part, can be really cool and rewarding. Then once in a while it can be a royal pain inthe backside!
    Best of luck, my friend!



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