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Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Shed That I Built ...

Let me start this post by saying that I consider myself quite the handyman. Sorry, handy 'woman'. I have a healthy respect for power tools and I know how to use them. When I whip out a measuring tape, it's almost certain that the dimensions of my next project will be right on the money. The only problem is ... I can't work with angles.
Should I start at the beginning?
Okay, so about a year ago, cyclone Yasi blew through Cairns. I was hunkered down on that dark and seriously windy night, certain that the roof of my house was going to blow away. At two in the morning I heard a crash. I frantically ran through the entire house expecting to see my treadmill tossed into the drive way, the car in my living room, or whatever other crazy thoughts run through your head when cyclonic winds are tearing up your region. Alas, I couldn't find anything (bar the leaks that had sprung and the puddles of water throughout).
The next day, I wake up bleary eyed, passed out on the floor from sheer exhaustion. My hubby and I check the house all over, wondering what had caused the crash. We looked out the window, and what did we see?
My tin shed, blown to pieces and spread across the backyard like icing on a cake ... and so were my beloved tools!
So hence we started to re-build the shed. This time we went with timber construction, good sturdy cross bracing, and an iron roof fastened with 3 inch batten screws. The sucker is not going anywhere next time.
So where does my grief of angles come into it?
We decided to finally finish cladding the outside, row upon row of nice, easy straight cuts. A little measuring here and there, and then fastening with ease. Cue the 'Jaws' music, and I look up. Naturally the roof has to slope to allow water run off, but how the hell do I cut around every single one of the bloody bearers when the roof is already on an angle?
This is when I chuck a 'tanty' and give up. I measure one board, I cut it wrong. Job remains unfinished.
It simply boggles my mind that I can use a drop saw with my eyes closed, wield a jigsaw like I'm carving a christmas turkey, and holster a nail gun like it's the Wild Wild West. All this and I cannot work out how to measure and cut with multiple angles. This fully explains my distaste for all mathematics based subjects.
But like with all of our do-it-yourself household projects, we finally figure it out. I'm just not going to show you a picture of the scrap pile of wasted debris. I already feel like a tool (pun intended).
Happy home renovating everyone!

Kristy :)

PS - Since I wrote this post about a month ago, the shed has been finished and the angles cut (with dad's help) and is looking sublime. As luck would have it, my lawn mower man decided to do wheelies in my backyard and accidentally plowed into the corner of my newly crafted masterpiece. Besides swearing like a trooper, he vowed to have this fixed, and he made good on his promise. This is my baby now!
I have to do a final coat, but, it's looking pretty spunky for a tool shed.


  1. Part of your post reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid. My mom & I were home one night when there was a huge storm with lots of wind (I'm pretty sure we were in a tornado warning). We heard a giant crash but couldn't figure out what it was. Eventually we went looking out all the windows of the house, and upon looking out one of the bathroom windows my mom stated "There isn't a bush outside this window is there?". Turned out a very large tree had fallen over and the branches actually reached over the top of the house. We were lucky the trunk of the tree missed the house so no damage was done. Well, except to the the tree, lol.

  2. Glad to hear that you finally got your new shed up and running. We've got an old metal shed out back that really, really needs replacing. One of these days I'm going to have to tackle it.

    Only problem is I'm about as handy as a drunken Red Green, on crack.

    Steve Vernon

  3. YOU built a SHED???!!!

    Girlfriend, you are so my hero! I love that!
    And it's beautiful. I should have you come to Texas and build me one like that on wheels, put in some windows. Viola! A portable writing shed.


  4. I don't think you're a "tool", my friend. You sound a hell of a lot handier to have around than I am! I can do some things, but I'm probably best described as the guy who calls the handy-man or woman. Not really... Ok, kind of.
    The shed looks great. In fact, if you hear your phone ringing now, it might be, asking for help on the back fence. Of course I'd have to send you a plane ticket...pick you up...put you up in a hotel room... Boy, this project is getting more expensive by the minute! ;)



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