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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Warring with my Waistline Take 3

I think that perhaps I should change the name of this post. After all, the Nazi's aren't invading my belly button. I may be warring with myself but my waistline is still hiding behind the enemy lines of my waistband.
Alas, I come bearing good news today. I have holstered my weapons of MASS destruction (you liked that pun, didn't you?) and formed an ally with my ass. I officially believe in the fitness mission and the benefits of counting calories.
Yes, you heard me. The Twinkies are locked away for good and spandex is the new Chanel.
So why am I so super psyched about exercise now?
My latest results!
I joined a gym about six weeks ago and scored myself an awesome trainer - Ollie. He set me up with a program that made my knees wave a white flag of surrender and the flappy fat on the back of my arms slap me in the face every time I raised a dumbbell above my head. But, it's all been worth it because apart from losing three kilograms, I also lost nineteen and a half centimeters on each thigh. Yes! Each thigh!
I always told you guys that my thighs were planning on taking over the world and clearly I have tempered that plan but trimming off the excess fat. Yes, Europe, you can thank me for that later.
Anyway, I won't linger. I have books to write and a mirror to stare at. So, catch you on the next weigh in and measure six weeks from now.

Kristy :)

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  1. *stands back from laptop and claps*
    Congratulations, Kristy! And, yes, I am standing at the computer. Sitting in a chair all day while we write, etc, is not our friend either. I only sit on weekends. The rest of the week I stand at my dresser in the master bedroom and use the laptop.
    Good for you. I continue to watch the calories, too. I want to have dessert or a drink or two or veg when I want, but know that I will have to put in the work to burn it all back off on the treadmill. I'm watching portion sizes and am eating fruit. It used to be that if it didn't come in a wrapper, I wasn't eating it.
    Sorry it took me so long to get here. I have both boys graduating this year. Between that and working on my latest WIP, there's been time for nothing else.
    Talk to you soon.



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