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Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Damned - Photos (Giveaway)

Hey guys,

Due to the giveaway this month I probably won't do a lot of my usual crazy posting as I want you to really get involved with the competition. I'm super excited about the up and coming release of my second book in The Hunted series, The Damned - it's going to be epic. Not only was it my favourite book in the series to write, it also introduces a few new characters that I think you all are going to love.
So as not to keep flapping my gums for the sake of talking, you can follow the icon on the side bar to get to the comp, scroll down to the next post or click the highlighted link above. But, i thought I would at least show you some of the amazing photos I've received from 'Hunted' fans thus far ...

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee fight it out for my book. My money's on Chuck.

Rock on, Iron man - make sure you get me Thor's number while you're at it!



  1. Well... Looks like i have to step it up a notch! Loving this competition by the way. Glad to see that fans are getting the creative juices flowing to get their hands on the next installment! <3

    1. Thanks Chika, and yeah, I'm really stoked that people are starting to get involved!

  2. These are too awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the fun on FB as well :)


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