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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jazz Bar

Okay so I've done it again, I missed Follow Friday. But don't I always justify my missing of this venture with some weird and wonderful exploration of strange terrain in my otherwise relatively dull existence?
Recently my Follow Friday desertion was due to a pyjama party - thirty year old women sipping wine, singing bad karaoke and scaring the shit out of me with a late night viewing of The Exorcist. This time my absence was due to visitation to a jazz bar.
I don't personally listen to jazz. Don't get me wrong, I've got absolutely nothing against it, it's actually quite soothing but not exactly the kind of beat that gets you bouncing to your feet and head banging until the wee hours of the morning (not that I head bang). It was pleasant, unexpected and something I've never tried in the past. Though admittedly it did feel like happy hour at the retirement home.
There I was in my skinny jeans, up-do, and impressively cruel high heels sipping cocktails with my friends, only to be surrounded by a sea of geriatrics. Just about all of us were carded, though I suspected it was mostly because of the bartender's cataracts and our ability to walk around the bar without a walking frame. We probably looked like toddlers to the regulars.
To top it off, our hostess was clinging desperately to her youth, forcing the sagging flesh of her once ample cleavage into a barely there triangle bikini. I especially loved how she topped the outfit off with a see-through leopard print camisole and a side of slick perspiration to highlight every groove and line of disapproval on her craggy face.
Enter a photographer. Whether intentional or not, he snapped away like a Japanese tourist with endless film, possibly shocked to the core that anyone under thirty crossed the threshold and stayed longer than a pit-stop at the restroom.
All in all the drinks were good, the food was good and the company (my mates) was excellent. The band put on a good show despite the fifteen minute intervals for bathroom breaks, and I even appreciated the fact that I could hear the person next to me at all times. But hopefully my Follow Friday will be back on board by next week. I don't expect another romp with the senior citizens anytime soon, though I look forward to the next adventure my friends will undoubtedly talk me into.
Happy weekend everyone,

Kristy :)

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  1. This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time, please keep them coming please please please.........


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