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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Renovator Bug

Well, what an interesting three weeks it has been! I suspect you’ve all read most of my dealings—jazz clubs, endoscopy, the bat shit debacle and of course my tangle with the hippies at a Saturday night dinner in a seedy part of town.
But finally I’m back home again. The two year fiasco of my leaking roof has finally been resolved and my insurance company replaced everything! Alas this also means that I leave the days of shitty hotel internet behind, waving fondly to my ant infested one-bedder in the city and say hello to freshly painted walls of newly renovated home.
Of course now that I’ve seen this beautiful make over, I’m starting to feel the little renovator bug slip into my veins. I just don’t think I can fully move back in until my patio roof has finished being panelled and all my internal bookshelves are re-crafted to house my massive collection of paranormal fiction. It’s all about priorities, you see.
So, with all the furniture still piled up in the shipping container in my front yard, I’ve started to work (with hubby and father) to finish the patio this weekend and fit-out my internals. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? All I need is a yellow ‘Bob The Builder’ hard hat and cool little tool bag to reflect I mean business. Although, hubby thinks I’m the tool bag but we won’t go into that.
Anyway, wish me luck. I’ll pop some pictures up to show you progress on the next post and have a fabulous weekend—I will be!
Kristy :)

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