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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Nervous Ticks

Interestingly enough I write this post today based on an episode of "Sons of Anarchy" that I watched last night. The nervous tick came in the form of a released inmate with a particularly nasty habit of shoving his hands down his pants and, well ... you get the picture.
Not really knowing that uncontrollable masturbation existed, it got me thinking about the nervous ticks of those around me - the people I see on a daily basis and for that matter, even myself!
Thankfully no one I know forces me to watch the pleasure parade but I am certain we all have our little idiosyncrasies.
I had to think long and hard about this as I knew I had to have an obvious one. Besides picking at my fingernails because the varying lengths drive me crazy, I realised that I bite my lower lip whenever I'm dancing or exercising, the concentration devoted to the activity clearly too much.
My mother twirls her fringe between her fingers and often pinches the edge of her eyebrow whilst deep in thought. My father, besides being anal retentive like me, has a proclivity to add the word f#%k after most sentences. My hubby bobs his head like he's always listening to music and taps his foot in the car which is super annoying when stationary. My best mate likes to chew her fingernails until they bleed and my brother-in-law constantly shuffles from foot-to-foot like a penguin.
You see, we all have them, no one is ever one hundred percent comfortable in their surrounds. Although, I'm not sure how some people start randomly slapping themselves, rubbing one out in public or barking like a dog but I'd sure be interested to know if you're one of them! So, please leave your comments, anonymous if you like, but let me know about your nervous tick so ideally we can all make fun of you.
Have a good one,

Kristy :)

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  1. I gnash my teeth, which makes me look like I'm perpetually pissed at something. In actuality, it's a constant, awesome drum beat improvised to the music that's constantly going in my head. Wierd, huh?


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