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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pocahontas - Part II

So I promised I would regale you all with my tale of becoming Pocahontas. If you haven't read my post about two weeks ago then you can check it out here, but if you have then you might be wondering how my night went.
A quick recap - I, Kristy Berridge, was invited to an eighteenth birthday party filled with bar hopping Disney characters. Minnie Mouse, Esmeralda, Cruella and Tinkerbell were along for the ride - my friends dressed in their most favoured of the Disney bunch, the aim - to party on into the wee hours of the morning.
Mission accomplished for some.
First off, you may recall that the dress code was 'slutty Disney'. I had no idea how to make Pocahontas slutty, I mean she already wears next to nothing, I was already doing the character a favour by adding a bra and a pair of shoes to the ensemble. Team that with a pair of Spanx and a much longer dress and Pocahontas was practically running the convent, so I guess I blew it in that regard.

Moving onto the initial stages of the night and I find myself arguing with a bouncer outside when of my cities busiest nightclubs. The big guy won't let me in, not because I look like a super tool but because he wanted to card me. Naturally at thirty I don't even bother carrying ID since it's been about ten years since someone, anyone mistook me for a teen. Perplexed, I stood there adamant that he take a closer look at me, observe my wrinkles and the credit card in my wallet otherwise unobtainable unless age appropriate.

Ten minutes later and I'm standing on the curb outside by myself, angrily dialing hubby to fetch me my driver's licence. Twenty minutes after that and I'm shoving it under the big guy's nose with a, 'Ha! Told you I was over eighteen!'. He didn't especially give a crap and waved me on in.
The rest of the night passed by in a blur, drinking out of tea pots, riding the party bus, watching other people dance, frowning at the too loud music, getting groped by unknowns and of course, exiting the scene by no later than 11.00pm. That's right, I carried my tired feet and grandma-eye-baggies back to my hotel room, sent a quick text to John Smith (hubby) and was fast asleep by midnight.

All in all, a great night was had by all, even if I once again proved why this thirty year old usually stays home on a Saturday night.
Have a great weekend everyone,

Kristy :)

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