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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Book Review: Body Jump by K.C. Webb

Imagine this; a world where certain individuals have the ability to jump inside your mind, wander through your thoughts, feel what you feel - literally become you.
Body Jump explores such a notion with endless possibilities. Naturally, in the hands of a seedy low-life this 'gift' teeters on the edge of sexual depravity, but when Walker jumps inside the mind of a woman at the point of her own murder, he's never to be the same again. With each bloody slash of steel, the pain is unfathomable and the fear all encompassing. He's witnessed a murder, but who would believe him?
Susan Claw, all round seductive, hard-ass cop, has a hard time believing Walker's story. But after a little show-and-tell, and a quick rummage through the dangerous compartments of her mind, Walker makes a believer out of her.
The trick now is using this gift to her advantage. How can a sexual deviant like Walker be serious long enough to help them catch this killer? And what happens when the killer discovers their methods and tries to beat them at their own game, hunting them down like animals?
Needless to say this interesting concept is heavily explored and brilliantly executed. I even enjoyed Walker's perverted nature and incessant rambling. With one action-packed scene after the other and explosive moments of true terror, I had trouble putting the book down.
Characters were imaginative, underhanded and decidedly consistent in their roles. The imagery was descriptive and when combined with the no nonsense approach of the detectives involved in the case, the facts were clearly delivered and hard-hitting. With an unexpected twist at the end, I will happily be rating this novel four and a half fangs out of five.

Susan Claw is a no nonsense, straight-talking homicide detective with a dark side and a penchant for licentious sex. But when a serial killer starts murdering his victims in the bedroom, Susan’s carnal cravings take a nose dive. She has witnessed horrific murder scenes before, but nothing compares to these gruesome killings. The killer has an unparalleled lust for blood and flesh, and will do anything to satisfy his unnatural appetite. Their only suspect, Walker, is a smart-mouthed sleaze who possesses the unique ability to body jump. He has seen the killer’s face but the truth is something the police won’t believe. As Susan and her partner continue their investigation they’re unaware that they’re being stalked by the serial killer they have dubbed “the butcher,” who has his own special plans for Susan. What will happen when Susan comes face to face with the butcher?

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