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Friday, 7 June 2013

The screaming Question

It seems that everywhere I look lately, women are having babies, or should I say, women my age are having babies.
What do I mean by that? Well, apparently my biological clock is ticking and I'll supposedly change my mind about reproducing in the near future, and should in fact hurry before my ovaries shrivel up and die. Or so I've been told.
For those of you who don't know my stance on the screaming small person, it's a very definitive 'No thanks, I don't want one'.
It's not that I don't like children. In fact, they're actually quite pleasant when they're asleep, at someone else's house or perhaps eating something sticky and time consuming.
You got it. I love my personal space, free time, and the general air of peaceful silence that lingers in my house. I've never once felt the urge to add to the world's population and certainly have no intention of doing so in the future. So why is it that people assume I one day will? Why is it a woman's life mission to repopulate the species? Why can't my mission be to write awesome horror novels, look fabulous in spandex, and buy designer shoes like they're going out of fashion?
I suspect some of you are shaking your heads at me, counting off the reasons why having children is the joy of joys, but honestly there's no convincing me. I think you're all crazy and also the bravest people on the planet. Seriously, parents should be given medals. You go to war everyday with crying infants, wordy toddlers, and arrogant teens, yet somehow survive the stinky nappies, scattered toys, half-done homework, and piles of dirty laundry.
You are to be commended. I can't even commit to a pet.
So power to the parents and the ongoing daily sacrifices you make, but just remember there are some of us that value the vacant uterus, spare time, and the sporadic nature of a childless life. So let's agree to disagree that the tiny humans are not for everyone.

Kristy :)


  1. someone who understand!

  2. I can definitely agree with you there! I'm in my mid twenties, so maybe the baby gene or whatever has hit me yet. But my sister and niece and me, all still live at home and I can't handle her sometimes. I love her to death, but I so love when I can have a quiet house when she's at school or something.

    But yeah, I myself don't see my changing my mind in the near future about having kids either. But I guess I am still in the young range, my sister had her daughter when she was 24. My cousin just had her first two babies in the past two years and she's a year older than my sister. It seems my family has kids young and that's some sort of norm for me now, so I don't feel too odd for already declaring myself to never have kids. But as I said, things could change somewhere down the line, but I doubt it. :)

  3. Stick to your guns, Kristy. We certainly don't need the extra person, and there is much to be said for the personal freedom to do great things without being saddled with offspring. I shared your sentiment for a long time and still do. But I became a father rather late in life and somewhat by accident(like, I hadn't figured out how that sort of thing happens?), but I have to admit the experience has made me a more whole person. That experience and the empathy that accompanies it has helped my writing, too!

  4. Wait til you get older. Everyone will assume you already have kids, lol.


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