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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Hello Humanity - what happened to our Morality?

The human race – Mankind… and I am referring to you and me.

Oh my - Oh my, we should be so proud of ourselves, look at what wondrous things we have achieved these past years. Our wars don’t just kill thousands, they now kill millions! No validation here, we all take ownership of this bullshit! We either create or have created these campaigns and we nurture and encourage them with banal words of ‘look at me,’ ‘look at me’ with our twitter and Facebook remarks.  We encourage and enlist as much help as possible in defining segregation by encouraging hate toward another’s religion, race while encouraging anger, violence and oppression - let us dominate and browbeat our fellow man…don’t forget bullying and our sexual preferences. Have I left anything out? Probably!
Have we made any advancements? Of course we have, but do they outway the negatives that now menace over us such as our wondrous planet slowly dying due to climate changes, our nations dying because of hatred for one another and the selfish “I want what they have” arrogances. Yes, of course we have made advancements. For example medicine, but do the needful benefit from this, of course not because there is no money in it! Bullshit isn’t it. There are folks who are dying who have no homes; no possessions, no money and we see the faces of starving children all the time, why? Is it to remind those who can afford more, to help, oh please do? As mere minions, why does it always fall upon us, can we not be led by example, please! How about the wealthy bodies of the world getting together, i.e. The Vatican to name but one entity – sell your hidden treasures and you will house and feed millions who desperately need it.
Nope, your right, this ain’t gonna happen! Why? Because there is no humanity there is only greed and the “I wants of this world,” the entitled who think that they are better than the one standing next to them.
Whatever your personal tenets of the concept of morality are, overall, surely they must ultimately address what is right and what is wrong. Do we forsake what is right to appear politically correct? Surely right or wrong is the individual’s natural right to self-preservation, after all who wants to be thought of as wrong!

Stephanie Jackson

Monday, 7 August 2017

How to rid yourself of 
negative energy!
What are you drawn too?
If its negative thoughts, then I am there with you…but only sometimes. However, it is real and it happens to us all at one point in time.  I believe that we all need to change that relentless negative to positive in everything that we do.
Okay we all get this and understand this, but how do we get rid of those niggling negative thoughts? That inner dialogue that speaks to us when we do not want or need it to, that inner dialogue that creates stress and havoc, purely out of misguided thoughts or unresolved questions - - where are the quieting moments?
Mmmm not so easy is it?  We can say positively that we will think positively…but we are only human and so, try as we might, we slip back to listening to the madness chaos that our minds create.
We can do something ‘airy-fairy,’ like imagine something beautiful…yes; this will work for the short term, but not long term. Perhaps the honest and most logical approach is to face what is creating this negative energy, after all as complex human beings we exist, therefore we control, therefore we can create and change, and therefore we can choose what sort of energy we want around us.
What is it that we want?
Presumptuous perhaps, but we want to be happy, we want to be productive, we want to love and live cohesively with those around us. We do not want negativity, we do not want misery, and we want to be content. We are the only ones that can change this.  We have that power, we have the capacity to think, work, create and be whomever it is that we want! We don’t need the negativity, it stunts, and it creates melancholy and discontent…who wants that?
It’s easy, ‘you think what you feel’ or is that ‘you feel what you think!’


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Is it that hard? Really!
Its habit forming. If we do not receive any gratitude for ether a job well done, a little act of kindness for another that does not result in a simple thank you then yes, we become resentful. Therefore, we stop the acts of random kindness to others, this in turn becomes a habit and therefore kindness is relegated to the backbench not to be seen for some time.
Are we so busy with our lives that we forget that a) we were once so young we needed help b) we relied so much on the Internet which now appears to be an extension to our bodily limbs…yes the bloody mobile! In addition, c) we are now too old, cranky and afraid of change that no one bloody cares anyway? What does this mean, an impersonal, antisocial, narcissistic society so involved with themselves that they forget or have forgotten human interaction? I am confused, what happened to being kind with and to one another?
Is it now classified as old fashioned to be kind? Do we now forget the random acts of kindness to another because we are afraid of negative response? Are we that pathetic? Conditioned, programmed and weak willed?
Kindness is like looking into a mirror, if you cannot be kind to yourself, how can you possibly be kind to another?
Empathy…there is no longer empathy. Please do not misunderstand me; I understand that there has to be technology in order to move forward.  However, without empathy, sympathy and grace, how can humanity hope to survive?
I like to think that we all try always to look past the awful things that people can say or do in order to see them as a whole, albeit a complex person. Of course, sometimes, it is so much easier to assume the worst and yet so much harder to see them as whole entity, after all no one person is good or bad, they may be complicated, messy or perhaps even interesting but they are always worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.
Do you not think so?

Stephanie Jackson

Sunday, 28 May 2017

It would appear that cyber bullying has become a major issue, predominantly for teens and upcoming adults. Years before the internet it was schoolyard antics that drove children home in tears, now it’s the pouty-mouthed, snap-chatting, selfie-taking figure-heads of popularity that rule the bullying domain.
Suddenly suicide rates have increased and rates of depression among teens is skyrocketing. But what can we do to prevent this almost ‘normal’ state-of-affairs from reaching our future children?
Now I’m not talking about books and academics or putting the task of educating and also punishing the kids into the already overly-laden hands of our teachers, I’m talking about putting the responsibility of our children’s behaviour into our hands … parents, friends and family … the people who are supposed to care about the nature of our youths the most!
It sounds like a whimsical, tried and tested approach and yet, I still see parents allowing their children to wear inappropriate clothing for their age, roam the streets at darkened hours and speak as if they’ve earnt the right to abuse the English language with their texting shorthand and ways of naivety. The truth is we seemed to have stopped disciplining, supporting and encouraging as well as promoting the self-love and self-respect that kids these days are sorely lacking.
Along with fish lips and cleavage shots, it has become relative to trade sexual favours for popularity, discard self-respect and completely belittle intelligence or originality. We have bred a bunch of drones incapable of positive human emotion and this is somehow acceptable. When did children get pigeon-holed for their looks, their parent’s finances, sporting abilities or creative differences? Never mind race or gender equality. It seems we’ve stopped encouraging free-thinking, emotionally nourished children with self-respect, dignity and moral constitutions. What would have once been highly praised is now bullied via a coward’s platform … the internet.
Unfortunately, I don’t believe that cyber or bullying of any variety will cease in the near future. As long as there are those that find it socially acceptable to berate or belittle another human being for their differences, education and discipline will only reach so far.

Kristy J

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

I’ve been asked to write about: The male guide to female communication.

A tricky topic if ever I’ve encountered one. I think I’d rather blog about vaginal discharge and the do’s and don’ts of battery licking, but alas I’ve been laboured with this incredibly serious task that I honestly have no formal qualifications to quantify.
Most would expect me to write something along the lines of: The female is always right so just say, ‘yes, dear’ and be done with it, but that is almost never the case. So, rather than listing what I think men ‘should’ say or even how they ‘should’ communicate with women, I’ll simply write a list of the things we don’t like so you know what to avoid. Obviously if you decide to tell your wife or significant other that ‘yes, that blue dress does make you look fat’ then you’re going to get a slap. There’s a time and place for honesty too.

1.       When you’re running late, don’t tell her that she looks great because you want her to hurry up—we know you’re lying, give honest feedback instead (except the fat thing, I’m serious about the slapping). Let her know that perhaps her shoes would be better in another colour or a longer dress etc, etc—helpful feedback, not the kind where you’re literally seconds from shoving her face-first into the taxi.
2.       We love it when you listen to what we’re saying and remember it. I’m serious. When I have to repeat myself I almost always go postal. Aint nobody got time for that, especially a busy wife, mother or working woman!
3.       We hate it when you leave your clothes on the damn floor (especially next to the intended destination like the washing basket). Who picked it up for you before your significant other came along? Who washed it, folded it and put it away? That’s right … you did. We’re not your f#@king slaves, so be considerate.
4.       It may not be in your nature, but occasionally we love it when you do something unexpected that might actually help, like unpack the dishwasher and put everything away, hang out a load of wet laundry, vacuum the floor. We certainly don’t expect it, but definitely appreciate the small things, because if you attempt the big things like cook a gourmet meal, you’ll almost certainly f#@k it up and leave a massive mess for her to clean up which puts you back at square one.
5.       Romance pays dividends. Not all the time. Cheesiness will also earn you a dick slap, but a foot rub while watching telly or making her a cup of coffee when you can see her day has been crazy will most probably earn you a BJ.

I could honestly go on. I have so many comparable situations in which male to female communication could be executed more fully, but in truth, there’s no better communication than the open dialogue you both share regularly and filtered with compromise. That’s not to say you couldn’t make more of an effort (you know you’re mostly a lazy bugger), but if you even start with listening … oh what a massive difference that would make. Unless of course you have the Olympic champion of talkers for a significant other, then feel free to tune out and Facebook until midnight. Nobody likes a Chatty Cathy!

Kristy J

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The topic of marriage equality is a brazen one with many varied and conflicting opinions. There is a school of thought that marriage is only on equal footing between the stated form of normality—male and females. Presumably, if applying only biological factors there would be some truth in this. Men and women were created/bred/realised to be sexually compatible for the procreation of our very own species. But what happens when you take away physical and sexual functions of the human race and known capability and start to consider sentiment and emotion?

For example: would the love between mother and child not be as powerful, if not more so than husband and wife? Is this not an equal form of love that is not celebrated time and time and again? What about brothers and sisters? Nieces/nephews and their aunties and uncles or even grandparents with their grandchildren. These are all celebrated and socially acceptable methods of equal love expression and yet, when a couple is solely female or solely male, the question of the purity of their love is bought into question.

The discussion of marriage equality is the most talked about and debateable subject worldwide (except for Donald Trump winning the American presidency) and sparks so many conflicting opinions. Should men marry men and should women be allowed to marry women? Who the hell are we to suddenly put constraints on yet another form of love’s expression? Should any one human being be forced to conform despite the driving force of their genetic compositions; their desires, needs, wants and rights to love any partner of their choosing?

Most of the populace accepts and celebrates the differences between us all and some governments worldwide have finally begun to listen to the mass outcry of the lesbian and gay communities fighting for social acceptance is a world where any type of love should not be challenged if operating under reasons of purity. The question is; even if marriage equality is finally legalised worldwide would that really mean an end to bigotry or social injustices or does it simply mean the majority rules?

Kristy J

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Freedom of Expression
Freedom of expression; probably the most important value each of us holds dear. Without the ability to express ourselves freely, how can we grow as individuals?

Of course, there are many reasons expression is quashed; either political, personal, sexual, artistic—it’s entirely dependent on the situation and the expression’s relativity. Many would suggest that any form of expression is relevant or justified, but that’s simply not the case. We are lucky to live in such a liberal country where the freedom of expression is mostly respected, but can you imagine if there was no regulation on how we spoke our minds or expressed ourselves creatively or even sexually?

Most consider freedom of expression the ability to write poetry, converse with conviction (in terms of liberating a valid point), painting murals that represent the local area or protesting political oppression. But just imagine if extremist groups were left unchecked and people were beheaded in the main streets of capitals and cities because of the colour of their skin? What if you had your tongue removed by someone who didn’t like the way that you argued your point during a harmless religious conversation and what would happen if people were allowed to draw all over your brand new car in marker pens because they simply ‘felt’ like expressing distaste for your Prius blue?

Yes, freedom of expression is relevant and more important than so many other things that drive us daily, but there is a time and a place for its communication. To be able to express the sincerity of your beliefs and passions is just, but as long as that outpouring does not directly impact another individual in a negative light, then please, carry on painting penis’s on bus stops or attempting to force veganism on meat eaters.

Kristy J

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Talk of Marriage
Talk of marriage has sprung up more than once in my household this week and to say that I'm both pleased and petrified by the thought would only be an admission of truth.

I suspect it might be the dream of many women globally to have the love of their life proclaim their undying devotion and desires for a future unending and filled with marital bliss. I'm not all that different, I even wonder occasionally how he will do it; billboard proposal, one knee, ring in a wine glass?

The truth is the thought of our beloved lavishing us with hefty bouts of attention and adorning us with jewellery is a major drawcard to the sacred union, but what if your partner insists the shoe be on the other foot? What if he refuses to propose in the hopes that you do all the hard work for him?

Enter the modern man; expectations of equality have been raised by the modern woman, so why wouldn't he expect the idea of marriage proposals to be a two-way street?
I can't say I disagree, but even the modern woman wishes that romance was a candle not so quickly extinguished by the ideas of the 21st century. We want our cake and to eat it too and perhaps this is grossly unfair in this day and age, but when my boyfriend wishes I'd propose the idea of a life together, pick my own ring and organise everything before, during and after; I almost want to slap modern day feminists for inciting this role reversal!

When did this happen? When did my partner suddenly decide that he too deserved to be lavished with the attention and surprise of pending nuptials?

I have no answer and flatly refuse to give into this bid for equal rights. Perhaps I am selfish and old fashioned, but I'm also more than aware that on the relationship see-saw I don't ask for more than a partner can give and in this instance, I can keep teetering, bouncing up and down with the currents of our relationship until bended knee and extravagant rings appear.

Kristy :)

Saturday, 18 February 2017

10 Reasons why you should travel instead of work!
10. You’re not at work.
I’m sorry but this is flat out the best reason on the planet. Although you may love your job, there is nothing better than waking up to zero expectations and taking the day as it comes and frolicking in the possibility of ‘what if’.
9. You experience a whole new country.
There’s nothing better than the safety and comfort of your own backyard, but sometimes to be able to step into an ocean ten thousand miles away or explore uninhabited bushland or climb pyramids built eons before can open your eyes to a plethora of opportunity. Perhaps your conventional way of living may be inspired by the landscape of somewhere new or your palette cleansed to try a whole host of new and inviting cuisine. Exploring a country of unknown origin is often bursting with excitement and teaming with memories you will never forget.
8. New food.
At work we’re often slotting coins into the vending machine, scouring the canteen for something edible or pushing a homemade salad around the plate. When you’re travelling, you’re forced to try foods you might otherwise ignore when at home and within driving distance of a fast-food restaurant or supermarket. To step outside the comfort zone and taste what a new country has to offer is adventure in itself … unless you get gastro. That sucks.
7. Learning a new language.
There’s nothing wrong with English, it’s one of the most complex and beautiful languages on the planet, but you gotta admit, it’s kind of sexy to speak French or exciting to converse in Arabic.
6. New opportunities.
When travelling, you really don’t know what sort of opportunities might come your way. It could mean an entire lifestyle change; moving to a foreign country of choice, a new city because more exciting job opportunities may wait or even the ability to volunteer in remote and poor communities to satisfy the humanitarian within.
5. Culture.
Believe it or not, experiencing a new culture is paramount to growth as an individual. To be able to see the world through another’s eyes and compare that lifestyle to what you already know and accept is both humbling and life-altering. Sometimes the culture of another country is so far removed from what we consider expectation that it forces you to broaden your horizons and objectively see things from a new perspective.
4. Bills.
The honest truth is; if you’re travelling and not working then it probably means you don’t have any immediate bills to consider and I really I can’t see anything wrong with that. Unless of course you were a buffoon who booked everything on credit and will one day soon be forced to face the mounting debt of hasty decision making. The question then is: was it worth it?
3. Relationships.
As far as I’m concerned and, if your partner and family are with you, it tests boundaries and offers new ways to be cohesive when under suffrage of the same environment. However, if separated, then these bonds can be strengthened or severed depending on what you hope to achieve by the distance in travelling.
2. Casual Fridays.
When at work it’s a rarity to have a casual day where you no longer have to don the sleepwear style blouse or trademark black pants and safety shoes. When travelling you can wear whatever you want and often avoid the pesky laundering bills involved with keeping your work wear attire fresh.
How can you ever have an adventure when shackled to the desk for a nine-to-five? The number one reason anyone travels is to experience a new adventure—something outside the beacon of normality and filled with the possibility of something slightly more exciting then pen pushing and number crunching.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How nice is nice?
How nice is too nice? Is there such a thing?
A lot of people would say that in a world filled with suffering, oppression, arrogance and disregard, being too nice couldn't possibly be something worthy of complaint. Usually I would agree, the world is seriously lacking in the sincerity and general kindness that this post hopes to inspire.

But what if your existence is nothing but a few thousand cubic meters of space and filled with people not generally influenced by the world on mass?

My town, for instance, is tucked away in the northern end of Australia; population approximately 160,000. There's enough people to create eccentricity, variation of cultural and religious belief as well as a government based on the ideals of the country's overall agenda, but still far enough removed to remain independent of major political upheaval. In this tiny town we may know the person living right next door or we may live with the window shades drawn in the hopes to remain anonymous; basic niceties are still expected regardless.

Being nice, to me, is respecting each individual's choices to live breathe and work within this environment without judgement or expectation of certain behaviours. Being too nice would entail dropping baked goods on doorsteps each day or friends and colleagues calling hourly to check on one's wellbeing.

To be nice (or merely human) is to be considerate of your fellow man; let them merge into your traffic lane during rush hour. Let the neighbour's kids play cricket in your front yard when there's no safe place elsewhere. Let the elderly have your seat on public transport and of course, respect everyone's opinions yet still value your own.

It's all about balance. Being too nice isn't really a first world problem and to be fair, not the worst thing that anyone could encounter. There's no issue with overextending oneself or elaborating kindness; it can be annoying, but still much better than the alternative which is to not care at all. I personally know which one I'd prefer even if I do like to keep the shades drawn most days.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Psychology of Colour!

The psychology of colour is a very real thing and has been adapted by many designers and decorators throughout the centuries in order to promote certain moods or to encourage the execution of certain activities within a space. Colour can demonstrate strength and compassion, weakness or fear.

Colour is often chosen based on the marketing techniques adopted by paint companies, in vogue designers or even magazines. If we are shown images of a certain colour palette and its possibilities often enough, we more often than not start to feel that this popular—often passing trend—might in fact be the perfect solution to own decorating needs. This is not exactly scientific, but it does prove the point of susceptibility in those impressionable and easily swayed by clever marketing techniques.

Colour—in a more scientific approach— is more often than not selected based on personal urge and the mood needed to be generated within the space. Corporate and construction often play with black and white for its strong, precise and credible simplicity. You might also see this in the fashion and makeup industry as a solid base for building a greater label.

Red is considered dangerous, sexy and inspires the appetite, so it’s often relegated to restaurants and bars, sports and recreation as well as anything to do with the sex industry. Green is earthy and organic, adopted mostly in the nutritional industry, medicine and even tourism. Blue is calming and clinical. You’ll often find this in dental and medical facilities, information technology companies and sometimes in corporate situations.

There are a million other colours to choose from, each with a psychological or scientific purpose behind what the hue generally propagates in the human mind and thus your decision to apply yellow paint to your child’s bedroom is more often than not, a choice made unconsciously, driven by some emotional reaction, but mostly clever marketing and the generalised use of the colour in certain applications.

Kristy J

Friday, 27 January 2017

When are you too old to work?
If I answered this question from the bottom of my heart, I’d probably say it’s around about the time the nappies come off. Let’s face it, age is irrelevant when the inclination to never clock a time card, lift a shovel, educate the young, enter nonsensical data or stitch up cuts is forever in the forefront of our lazy minds.

It is a rarity indeed to meet someone who actually enjoys pulling time at a nine-to-five. Work is merely a consequence of existence, a way of life we humans have propagated since the time of bartering and monetary exchange. There is no such thing as a free ride and work has simply become a fact of life.

So the question of what age is too old to reel in an income really comes down to personal choice. Obviously there are physical factors that come into play: disabilities, declining function of limbs, vision impairment or mental faculties fading. These all play very relative roles in whether or not you are simply too old to go on making a contribution to society through paid exchange of work.

However, there has been plenty of research into the decline of the elderly post retirement and these studies have actually proven that as human beings we require purpose in order to function. So even if you have decided to throw in the proverbial work towel because it’s becoming a drag to tote your colostomy bag around, make sure you stay active—both physically and mentally. You don’t want to kick the bucket weeks after you finally decide to enjoy your retirement only to find your children will spend the inheritance on booze and cheap strippers.

Needless to say, work as long as you enjoy it, as long as you are physically and mentally capable and then make damn sure you spend all your hard-earned cash on yourself and partner. Don’t leave an inheritance and don’t worry about what happens when you’re gone, because life will almost certainly always progress forward whether you work yourself to the bone or live a life of relative happiness.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Do girls matter and 
do we value them?
I have been posed what I think might be a ‘light’ question of relativity, but is actually a very serious question when considering the answer: Do girls matter and do we value them?

The natural inclination is to respond with of course: How can girls not matter? They are the other half of this planet’s dominating species and the natural-born creation in which the birth of human life is propagated.

Girls or women, as I prefer to say, are the peanut butter to a jelly sandwich, the hammer to a nail and the coffin to a grave. Without us, there is just a sickly sweet, carb-loaded sandwich; a lonesome nail destined to inflict tetanus without a proper home; and an empty grave in order for weeds to grow.

Women are as relative as men are and equally important. Sure, there are times when individuals are undervalued, for example: High-paid careers, homemakers and schoolteachers, but in saying this, so are our male counterparts. When was the last time you heard about a fantastic stay-at-home dad who takes care of the house and virtually raises the kids while mum is at work? When was the last time we valued the backbreaking work of our male labourers—a job that (admit it girls) is physically beyond our capabilities?

All too often men and women are compared and yet we don’t seem to stop and value the individual for their personal triumphs and academic accomplishments. Why does this topic arise so often and when will we see ourselves on equal ground that we never have to question whether or not girls matter and are we valued?

I’m simply going to end this by saying, I am Kristy Berridge—a girl and a human being—I am no more valuable than the kindly old man that lives up the street or my single-mother neighbour doing it tough with a teenager. We are all important and we all have credibility on this earth. The sooner we start to believe this, the sooner we can stop competing.

Kristy J

Sunday, 15 January 2017

10. Money
Despite this thought process undoubtedly earning me a slap in the head from my mother, money really does ease many a burden of the low-income earner. I’m not talking about excessive bulges of cash in the wallet to toss at strippers or waste on Pokies at the casino, I’m talking about just that little bit of injection to help alleviate bills—enough that you don’t have to work full time and thus can spend more time doing the things that make you happy.
9. Family
Having a family, being with family, sending family to exile. No matter your vice, having family either near or far will generally put a smile on your dial. There’s very few people in the world that will understand your eccentricities and even accept them and for those of you that hate your DNA buddies, at least you just made Christmas shopping simpler.
8. Holidays
I don’t think there’s a single soul on the planet that could say that they hate going on a holiday and, if you just so happen to be one of those people who doesn’t happen to enjoy luxuriating in the benefits of free time in a foreign place, then clearly you’re the devil incarnate.
7. Exercise
I can’t imagine this is high on the list of those that favour the couch to pounding the pavement, but exercise is almost certainly a must to happiness. Not only does it promote good health both inside and out, it also feeds the body endorphins—good for sufferers of depression or those susceptible to funks of laziness.
6. Cooking
I would have said ‘food’ as 99.9% of people in existence enjoy the process of eating, but there’s something special about cooking. Not only is there a sense of self-satisfaction when the dish has been accomplished, it’s a widely accepted extension of friendship and a communal way to enjoy the company of others. Cooking can alleviate stress and also be a fantastic way to maintain a wholesome, well-balanced diet.
5. Music
Listening to music has been proven in studies to reduce stress and evoke a plethora of emotions in those engaged. Music has been around in some form or another for centuries, enhanced by time and contemporary arrangement, but the effects still remain the same—a must do to promote ongoing happiness.
4. Looking through old photos
Nothing is more nostalgic than dipping into funky-smelling photo albums of your past or into those of the people you love and exploring a past not always forgotten, but re-written in the present’s ink. So often the memories of yesteryear are photographed because they captured a moment in time encapsulating happiness. Need I say more?
3. Sitting by the Seaside
Warm sand between the toes, cool waters lapping over your skin while the heat of the midday sun beats down upon your brow? What could be better than lazy days at the beach alone or with friends and family? It’s the prefect sanctuary for time out and to reconnect with those you don’t always see.
2. Date nights
Been a while since things were a little saucy between the sheets or you and your partner weren’t engrossed in social media? Then go on a date night. I indulge every week without fail to not only re-establish your reasons for being together, but to re-connect on an intimate and personal level that is often over-looked with kids and busy, consumer-driven lives.
1. Friends
I have left this last on the list because friends should never be taken for granted, but always be high on your list of priorities regardless. All of the things listed above can be enjoyed with friends and family and should be entered into often and without second thought … except date night … inviting anyone who isn’t your partner to bat lashes out or play footsies under the table with is just plain weird.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Donald Trump!
So Donald Trump made it; President elect and the first orange man to run the United States of America.
Despite what you may think of him personally, the people of America have spoken and they have decided their ultimate leader.

I’m not personally politically savvy enough to have too much of an opinion about this man and it certainly wouldn’t be fair to do so as my assumptions would be based entirely on watching Celebrity Apprentice and current exploits via the news or internet marketing. I will say this though; never has an election sparked so much world-wide outrage and conflicting opinion. For the first time since September eleven, the entire world was watching the movements of the United States and praying for their safety and the safety of their own country’s future financial security.

How can one man bear the burden of so much responsibility and also be the possible catalyst for the ruin of not just one nation but many?

The question is on everyone’s lips and the result of this presidential election is proof that the old adage of parents telling you that you can be or do anything in life really rings true. I remember I once thought about being a Marine Biologist. I believed it was as easy as donning a mask and snorkel and swimming with a pod of Dolphins. Despite Donald Trump’s numerous business successes, he must have had someone whispering in his ear that he could run an entire country and all it would take was a suit and tie, a fistful of bigotry and a new wig to make it happen. You certainly can’t blame the man for trying when it appears it’s as simple as that.

I suppose it means that policies and political opinions aren’t really important either in debates or victories. The BBC News recently reported that twenty-four of Donald Trump’s pre-elective promises and bizarre beliefs have now been recanted in light of his recent elected state. For example: Mexico should build a great wall to prevent criminals and rapists from entering the US. In the wake of terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, Muslims should also be banned from the country. Should I even mention climate change? I’m sorry … Donald Trump believes this is just ‘weather’ and climate change is a hoax. I’m not even going to mention his apparent indiscretions or numerous sexual misconduct charges recently raised against him.

The point really is that the majority of this powerful nation has voted Donald Trump in to incite some sort of major change and to shake the very foundations that this great nation was built upon. As an outsider looking in, I’m both highly surprised by this outcome and yet supremely curious to see where his victory will lead. Donald Trump now has the opportunity to lead his country into a new revolution of ideas, greater acceptance and progressive change, but he also has the power to divide its multicultural and multiracial residents to incite another civil war.
Let’s just hope this man surrounds himself with plenty of varied and smarter intellectuals to lead the United States of America into a bright and positive future.

Kristy J