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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Do we really care about others or is it just pretend?

Do we really care about others or is it just pretend? An interesting thought and one surely as varied as the billions of entities living on this planet.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that 95% of us actually do care about the other people around us. It might not be expressed in the depths that you care for a family member, your spouse or child, but if we didn’t care to some extent then social niceties would have become extinct long ago.

Yes, we are raised to stand for the pregnant lady on the bus, let the elderly man have your seat on the train or let the person busting for a pee behind you go into the public restroom first. These are our social graces and the small measures of kindness that we can impart so easily on a daily basis. But, caring about others can be a deeper, more personal thing. Caring about others can be as simple as smiling at a stranger that seems down in the dumps, helping your neighbour to mow their lawn when they’re unable to or sharing a sandwich with a co-worker without food.

These are mostly acts that we enact regularly and without thought, but imagine what else we could accomplish if we cared just that little bit more? Could we end poverty? Could we stop world hunger? Could we lessen depression by knowing there is always someone who cares?

The truth is, there’s so much more that all of us could do to show that we care and improve upon. Whether we have it in us isn’t really the question, but whether we care enough to do more is the real crux of the matter ...

Kristy šŸ˜€

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