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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Crowd Funding - Diary of a teenage Zombie

Hey guys,

So I gotta tell you, this isn't an ordinary post. This is a post where you'll receive visuals and an incentive to help out an almost bum author. Right now, you should see me, on my hands and knees, grovelling for a small bit of your time and hopefully all of your money! Kidding, but some would be great.
You see, I'm trying the crowd-funding avenue, hoping that the fans and readers of my books will help fund the next release novel - Diary of a Teenage Zombie.
Naturally, you are guaranteed lots of special gifts even for the smallest of donation which is only $10, and plenty of good Karma. I'd love it if you checked out my pledge below, and headed over to the Pozible site to support my venture. At least this way I can keep the books coming thick and fast. And, if you can't help out, please tell someone who might.
Cheers guys, I really appreciate the support!


This is the link to the pozible site for more information and to pledge:

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