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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Zombie Cities by Sorab Del Rio

Okay, so I don't read comic books. Hell, I've probably only ever gazed through a few in the course of my life. Even as a little kid I wasn't overly enthused, but, I was at the Brisbane Supanova in November last year, and met this truly passionate comic book writer and his click of talented illustrators.
The comic book, or graphic novel, as I've been reminded is the "PC" term these days, is known as "Zombie Cities".
So why did I nab myself a copy of this graphic novel? Well, for one, at the time I was writing my own zombie based novel, and was intrigued what would compel someone else to ponder this genre, and then I realised, zombies are f@#%king awesome.

Zombie Cities is no ordinary graphic novel plowing through a lengthy plot or commenting on the idle musings of an orange cat in the local paper. Zombie Cities is a hilarious take on the world's decline, political agenda, and the overwhelming truth that XBox games really will help you kick a zombie's ass.
From Barrack Obama, to the Queen of England, we see the funny, morally bankrupt, and grossly graphically portrayed decline of humanity. Gun control laws are out the window, and the endorsement of eyeballs as a delicacy on the streets of Japan make you want to throw a Nespresso machine at George Clooney, telling him to stick to the black stuff. With wonderfully illustrated and aptly captioned scenes, I can honestly say that Sorab has converted me - at least to his measure of the zombie apocalypse!

Kristy :)

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