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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Naughty or Nice?

Well, Christmas is upon us - That special time of the year when everyone is particularly cheerful and definitely more friendly and helpful than usual.
I am one of those people.
It's not that I love Christmas. I simply love the holidays brought upon by public banishment against work. I'm not super nice because Santa's coming. I'm super nice because I don't have to see you until the New Year!
Yes, I know. That sounds terribly unsociable and not particularly nice. But when you work in the public sector and meet a whole bunch of crazy people day in and day out - holidays are a Christmas miracle.
So, naughty or nice?
Well, it's been brought to my attention in recent days that I'm naughty. This of course is a completely foreign concept to me that has only recently been explained. You see, in my job I smile a lot. I try to be extra friendly and I give everyone the attention they deserve. Sometimes my face hurts from the effort, and sometimes I want to blow my brains out. Yet despite my seemingly innocent efforts to make everyone who comes into my work comfortable and welcomed, apparently I've been more than a little accommodating.
Little did I know that my work shirt gapes when I bend forward to fill in paperwork. So there are always smiling faces all round, especially now that I know that my totties have been making an appearance for several years now. And, I never would have known if it wasn't for the one guy recently gripping the counter top and hanging his head over the edge, his face practically buried in what I assumed was very well concealed cleavage.
I guess not.
So it now stands to reason that you really can't be nice without being just a little bit naughty, even if you reeeeallllly didn't mean it.
I suppose that also means I'd better crank up the smiling another notch now that the peep show is over - Don't want to disappoint the customers at Christmas. After all, I'm being paid to be nice ;)
Have a good one everyone!

Kristy :)


  1. kristy, kristy, kri... you're too damned funny to be anything other than who you are! ;)

    [tony hunt on fb]

  2. Titillating sociological comment on male behaviour :)


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