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Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Hunted Book Tour!

Welcome everyone to The Hunted's book tour hosted by the illustrious Miss P Wadkins of Missy Reads and Reviews! I am so excited about this. I didn't even know what a blog was six months ago, now I have one of my own and I'll be visiting eighteen others over the next three weeks. So it's going to be a hectic schedule full of guest posts, interviews, and of course, what I'm hoping are fabulous reviews (hint hint). So needless to say April is going to be a busy month, and I'd love it if you all joined me on this adventure by following the schedule below and keeping track of events!
So without further ado, below is a complete list of the tour stops. Please join in on the fun, leave comments and try not to snicker too loudly if someone says my book sucks ... my vampires will get you.

April 2nd - Review - Esther's Ever After
(Also my 30th birthday today so make it a good one, I'm already depressed)
April 3rd - Guest Post - Hazel The Witch
April 4th - Review - Missy Reads and Reviews
April 5th - Author Interview - Personal Literary Book Frenzy
April 6th - Review - The Reader's Antidote
April 7th - Author Interview - Chocolate Coffee Books
April 8th - Review - Death Books and Tea
April 9th - Guest Post - Esther's Ever After
April 10th - Review - J Bronder Book Reviews
Guest post - The Unread Reader
April 11th - Review - Missy Reads & Reviews
April 12th - Review - Mimi Valentine
Guest Post - Nicole's Library
April 13th - Author Interview - The Adventures of an Obsessed Bookworm Blogger
April 14th - Review - Book Briefs
April 15th - Guest Post - Dead Trees and Silver Screens
Review - Arianne Cruz
April 16th - Review - Rondo of a Possible World
April 17th - Guest Post - Death Books and Tea
April 18th - Review - Curse of the Bibliophile
Author Interview - The Reader's Antidote
April 19th - Guest Post - Mimi Valentine
April 20th - Review - The Magic Attic
April 21st - Tour Wrap up - Missy Reads & Reviews
Author Interview - Book Briefs


  1. I didn't know you were having a tour :( If you would have told me I would have participated....

  2. Some of your "participants" seem to not be participating! :(


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