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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What's it for?

A silly blog today, though I honestly suspect that most of my blogs are. I am literally compelled to talk about every stupid subject that comes to mind, and today is honestly no different.
So the story starts when my husband and I were sitting on the couch together the other night, watching mindless sitcoms after a long day at work. We hadn't spoken for hours, not because we were arguing, but because after twelve years together you're more than comfortable sitting in silence. Plus, after an eight to ten hour workday having to talk non-stop to a lot of stupid people, it's nice just to shut up for a little.
Anyway, I'd say about two hours had passed. We'd watched the Biggest Loser and ate a shitload of chocolate - moral support and all that. We'd also taken on My Kitchen Rules and naturally scoffed at every meal concocted, knowing we were hardcore master chefs at heart.
In the next instant a commercial rolls around. I hit the mute button - I'm sick of wanting a Whopper with cheese and caramel Sundays at nine o'clock at night because the voice over says I'm hungry ... bastard.
Anyway, hubby then turns to face me, and naturally I'm curious. He takes a breath, straightens up like he has something very important to say, and then, overly animated he says, 'Why do we have hair?' He pats the top of his head and then pulls at a few of the strands. 'I mean really, what the hell do I need all this for?'
I lost it.
Two hours, no talking, a full day of stupid questions from idiotic patrons at work, and my husband asks me why he has head hair. I don't think I've laughed that hard in ages. But, pressing for an answer, I told him that even head lice needs somewhere to live.
So, naturally this has stirred up a whole bunch of questions I really don't have answers for;

1. Why is the sky blue?
2. Why does only when sock come out of the dryer when I put two in there?
3. Why do you get fined if you don't wear a seat belt in your car, but there aren't any in public transport?
4. Why do we teach children to talk when parents spend their teenage years begging them to shut the hell up?
5. Why do we have to make the bed when we're only going to sleep in it again?
6. Why does everything taste like chicken?
7. Why does February get short changed a few days?
8. Why do we have a mother's day and father's day but not an 'everybody else' day?

Anyway, these are just a few. I'd be curious to see what boggles your mind. Leave me a comment, I promise, no judgment! After all, my husband is suss on the whole head-hair thing, and I have no idea why there are only twenty-eight days in February with the occasional sneaky one thrown in.
Have a good one,

Kristy :)


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