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Monday, 22 October 2012

Photo Frenzy

Hey guys,
So as you know, I've moved back into my house again after a trying month of roof replacement, insulation installation and a total re-paint. I have to say that I'm stoked with the results but in some ways, terrified that with the approach of the summer season that yet another cyclone may decide to blow through Cairns and take my new roof as a souvenir.
On the upside, having to move everything out and stuff it into a shipping container in the front yard has ensured that the unloading procedure has started a chain of events motivating about a million ideas I'd spawned in the past but never bothered to execute. For instance, we've constructed a writing corner and book nook for me. All of my paintings have been hung with careful consideration, and the hubby now has his very own computer play area.
So, I won't drone on, I'm super busy at the moment organising my book signings and a few blog tours, so I thought I'd post you my photos (as promised). Try not to drool over my writing area!
Have a good one everyone,


Mid Construction (rear)

Mid Construction (Front)

My New Writing Area

Knick Knacks and Paintings
Original Rear of Property

Front Veranda

My New Internal Roof

New Roof & Painted Brickwork

Newly Decorated Kitchen


  1. Awesome! So I can move in now, right? LOL Glad everything got fixed up, and I love your new writing area. Looking at a couple of the paintings, do you like Egyptian things?

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I'm not an Egyptian fanatic or anything like that. I traveled all over Egypt about five years ago and just happened to collect some fabulous trinkets on my journey. Now that the house is all done, I finally have somewhere to hang everything!


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